Animal welfare vehicle solutions

small peugeot van used as an animal ambulance

Animal welfare vehicles are bespoke built by Animedix for a range of activities and organisations

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“If you really care about animals, then stop trying to figure out how to exploit them ‘compassionately’. Just stop exploiting them.”      Gary L Francione


Animal welfare is the primary concern of all of our clients and it is our mission to design and build animal transportation solutions to the highest quality. We offer safe and versatile vehicles to enable them to do their job effectively and efficiently.

The objective within our ANIMEDIX Division is to utilise cutting edge developments, quality materials and great design to provide for the comfort and care of our animal passengers and/or patients during transportation, be they on short or long journeys. We care deeply about the welfare of pets, rescued domestic animals and wild animals, be they fully fit, injured or unwell.

Our vehicles are also ideal for those organisations who rely on working animals, such as those involved in security, search and rescue, therapy and human support.

Whilst the vast majority of animal welfare vehicles we produce are bespoke to an individual client, we offer an “off the shelf” range of small animal transportation vehicles.  Whilst it is always good news when one of these designs proves ideal for a particular task, our primary aim with this range is to stimulate ideas, enabling clients to work out more quickly what features they want, and just as important, what they don’t actually need.

Our current range of animal welfare vehicles consists of 5 models:

Veterinary ambulance

three drawings showing the interior design of a veterinary ambulance

This small vehicle which we have based upon the Fiat Doblo or its equivalents is the ideal small veterinary practice vehicle but just as ideal for animal rescue.

It comes with dog kennel and removable small animal carriers plus ample storage drawers for equipment, medicines and consumables.


three drawings showing the interior of a pet taxi cab

The taxi cab is designed very much for transportation only with the ability to carry up to 5 people (including the driver) plus a kennel for up to two dogs and 3 smaller removable small animal carriers.

This model is perfect for those operating pet transport services where owners may wish to travel alongside their pets. That said this format can also work well for veterinary practices who wish to offer a pet transport service for their clients or move staff and patients between multiple sites.


three drawings showing the interior of the Animedix veterinary courier vehicle designed to carry pets and cargo

This model too can prove practical for a wide range of animal welfare activities.  Providing cargo space for equipment, clothing, and general goods it also features a kennel for up to 2 dogs. In addition, there is space for 3 removable small animal carriers.

A great format for veterinary practices and animal welfare organisations.

Urban shuttle

three drawings showing the interior of the Animedix Urban Shuttle used by dog wardensthe interior of the Animedix Courier vehicle for pet transportation

The Urban Shuttle is the perfect vehicle for those responsible for collecting and transporting multiple numbers of animals as it has capacity for 4 large dogs and 3 small animals. As the name implies this vehicle offers excellent animal welfare transportation over short journeys.  As such ideal for a variety of needs including dog wardens, dog walkers, local rescue, boarding kennels and catteries.


two drawings to show the interior of the Animedix inter-citi dog van

Designed with long distance travel in mind the concept here is to provide comfortable and secure transportation for a large number of pets.  The standard model has capacity for 11 large dogs and 4 small animals.

With animal welfare as the prime objective we have built in storage for foods, water, cleaning materials and other associated equipment that may be required for long distance transportation.

The Animedix Inter-Citi is the ideal vehicle for rescue organisations and for those providing countrywide and international transportation services.

A word about electric vehicles

For those wishing to minimise the carbon footprint of their organisations we are happy to confirm that we are able to offer most of our layouts in electric or hybrid vans such as the Nissan e-nv200

Features and optional accessories

In addition to the automatic inclusion of an extensive number of features there are also wide ranges of optional additional items that come with each vehicle format ensuring maximum animal welfare.  These include insulation, fully sealed joints, heating, air conditioning, ventilation fans, raised kennel floors to keep animals dry, internal CCTV, dash cams and many more.

Mobile veterinary surgeries

In addition to the above vehicles which offer safe and secure movement we also build mobile veterinary surgeries most of which are themselves equipped to transport patients as and when required.  More information about our surgeries can be found at

kennel and small animal carriers in the rear of an Animedix animal welfare vehicle medicine and equipment storage drawers in an Animedix animal welfare vehicle small animal carriers in the rear of an Animedix animal welfare vehicle


For more information about our ANIMEDIX range of animal welfare transportation vehicles and dog vans please call my colleague Steve Stones on 0116 326 0989 or write to him at


                                   “The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man”  Charles Darwin


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