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At Multi Vehicle Technology Ltd we receive many enquiries from prospective clients looking to buy their very first van conversion, exhibition trailer, catering trailer or something more bespoke who can find it quite bewildering trying to understand some unusual terminology or statutory regulations that perhaps they never even knew existed. If this is you, then you’re not alone!

As experts in the specialist vehicle industry with well over 30 years of experience we offer consultancy services encompassing vehicle choice, design, specification, third party production and project management.

We take great pride in using our experience and knowledge to provide high quality accurate advice. This does mean that we often have to ask quite probing questions, some of which may appear unrelated to your needs, but once we have a fuller picture of your needs and circumstances we are then best placed to help.

There are also many legal aspects surrounding the use of vehicles and trailers….issues such as operator’s licences, tachographs, and driving licence entitlements, not to mention the importance of health and safety or disability discrimination implications. The laws covering some of these matters can be a little “grey” so although we may not be able to provide definitive legal advice on some questions we will certainly make you aware of any such issues, give our opinion, whilst directing you to the best source for official advice.

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If you have a specialist vehicle project that can benefit from either creative input or engineering ingenuity, we’d like to hear from you.

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