Draw Bar Trailers

Ranging in size from 3 metres to 7 metres

Over recent years we at Multi Vehicle Technology have designed and manufactured draw bar trailers for leading organisations, facilitating a wide range of activities ranging from the launch of new brands to providing mobile incident command centres.

We offer three different formats of trailer chassis starting with our innovative and unique range of single axle lightweight car towable trailers. Built within the 750 kgs gross weight category these small trailers can be towed behind a wide range of standard vehicles and by almost anyone holding a standard driving licence.

These small trailers make exceptionally good exhibition and information trailers for use particularly in town centres, car parks and shopping precincts.

Where a larger trailer, between the body lengths of 3 to 6 metres, is required we offer our close coupled (or tandem axle) chassis. This being the more traditional chassis, with twin axle running gear to the centre and the most commonly seen trailer on the roads.

However, where body length is 6 metres, and most certainly for 7 metres, we strongly recommend our turntable steer chassis. With the two axles spread, one to the front and one to the rear, this makes for a much more stable trailer both on and off road. It also has the huge benefit of being less susceptible where irregular weight distribution is required, a particularly useful feature when building exhibition trailers.

Our draw bar trailers are normally used for exhibition, event, roadshow and hospitality trailers.

To summarise our trailer build options:

  • Lightweight (car towable) single axle trailers (up to 750 kgs)
  • Single axle trailers (up to 2000 kgs)
  • Tandem axle trailers (up to 3500 kgs)
  • Turntable steer trailers (up to 3500 kgs)

Our Vehicle Types

Our range of products is diverse and includes the following types:

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