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Shipping containers can be converted to make great exhibition units.  Very often the most important feature of a mobile unit is the need for access to be flush with the ground, so that no barrier exists to gaining access, be it for visitors in general, children’s pushchairs or wheelchairs. Equally there are huge benefits for those street vending or sampling to operate at ground level so they can have face and eye contact with their customers. Similarly customers can be “put off” if faced with a high counter and an inability to see properly.

To overcome these issues we convert shipping containers in addition to having created a range of demountable pods and smaller kiosks. These can be transported to site by either a trailer or a vehicle and demounted where required.

These demountable pods range in size from 3 metres to 7 metres and are normally around 2.3 metres in width although they can be produced with expanding sides to maximise internal space. Our kiosk range varies from a small 1 metre unit to a length of 3 metres. Again a wealth of shapes and sizes can be created. There is very little restriction to what we can create as it is possible to link units together to create a single large construction or a more spaced out “village” effect.

Our shipping container conversions, bespoke built pods and kiosks are ideal for vending, retailing or for promotional activities and are generally made as bespoke units to suit the needs of each situation.

Just a few of applications for which we convert shipping containers and build our demountable pods and kiosks are:

  • Retailing shops
  • Street and show vending
  • Gaming
  • Information and display
  • Product sampling
  • Security checks
  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Youth services
  • Health check

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