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Catering van conversion is something we specialise in.

Eating on the move and at outdoor events is no longer a necessity, but a lifestyle choice, with people wanting to consume, sometimes exotic, foods in the open air. As a result there has been a boom in the need for catering trailers which can offer an attractive and enticing image whilst containing a diverse range of catering equipment and serving styles.

At Multi Vehicle Technology we can help your catering business ideas come to life, by providing catering van conversion and trailer build services to meet your needs.  From a trendy gin bar built inside a standard horsebox through to a comforting coffee and doughnut outlet, we can design and manufacture your ideal catering trailer.

In addition to recycling and fitting out existing trailers we also construct new catering trailers which we will design, using our expertise in the field of exhibition trailers. No run of the mill trailer from us it will be built specifically with you in mind, constructing it to meet your unique design requirements.

Our trailers are individually built and can be supplied in any length between 3 to 7 metres in length with a very maximum permitted legal width of 2.55 metres (although for smaller trailers we do recommend against going to this full width).

External features can include any combination of the following (and more):

  • Custom built chassis with road lighting and corner steadies
  • Options for single axle, tandem axle or for larger trailers turntable steer
  • Lightweight gloss GRP body panels with anodised aluminium trim
  • Hatches with gas strut supports
  • Hinged counters
  • Banner boards, shaped to suit your design
  • Swing out display panels
  • Basic graphics with menu board or full vinyl wrap
  • Mains and generator connection socket and cable
  • Gas storage compartment
  • Non slip flooring
  • Stainless steel or laminated counters as appropriate
  • Hot and cold water supply with sinks
  • Appropriate electrical sockets and connections
  • LED lighting
  • Refrigeration
  • Fully installed catering equipment to suit
  • Shelving and storage for consumables

Internal features will vary on the type of food being cooked and how it is served but can include features such as:

Street Catering

Using our extensive experience in the design and construction of specialist vehicles and exhibition vehicles we can undertake any catering van conversion you may require to make your business stand out and be profitable.

Designed to suit each individual catering businesses needs every one of our catering vehicles is bespoke. We leave choice of vehicle make and model to you but are happy to offer advice based on our experience. That said, the vast majority of vehicles built are based on the Fiat Ducato chassis cab fitted with an AL-KO extension which provides a low floor and comfortable serving height for your customers.

We also fit out van based catering vehicles (often used for emergency and charitable work) whilst enjoying the challenge of converting existing “unusual” vehicles such as the ever popular Citroen “H” van. Previously used vehicles such as bus conversions too can be undertaken.

So whatever your business or not for profit catering needs are, we can advise and assist you from the outset of the project to completion of build.

The size of unit you need may be dictated by the equipment and in turn may also dictate the type of van you may need.

All of our conversions and trailers comply with IVA Regulations.

Sampling campaigns

Field marketing activities along with experiential marketing campaigns increase product sales and have worked brilliantly for a diverse range of our clients.

To support these marketing activities we can provide you with a bespoke catering van conversion designed specifically for  product sampling. Alternatively our sampling trailers come in all shapes and sizes, from the very small car towable product distribution trailer (often in support of guerrilla marketing campaigns) to larger well equipped trailers and vehicles not too dissimilar to our range of mobile catering units.

At Multi Vehicle Technology we have experience of creating innovative sampling trailers and sampling vehicles to support product sampling campaigns ranging from apples to cakes, burgers to coffee, confectionery to beverages. There are simply no limits to the facilities we can create (from storage to catering) to get your products sampled.

And these trailers and vehicles are not just for the consumer market as our sampling mobiles can work just as well for business to business sales.

If you are thinking of planning a sampling roadshow activity to maximise awareness of your brand or launch a new product we can help you. Whilst we specialise on building new trailers, we can as an alternative, supply and convert second hand trailers and vehicles.

We are a complete one stop shop from build or conversion to final graphics.

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