Pods and Kiosks

plus standard ISO containers

Pods, Kiosks and ISO containers are ideal where projects require ground entry or where stacking is required.

Kiosks range in size from 1000mm to 3000mm and are normally transported on a standard goods trailer or vehicle. They can be wheeled off or lifted off by fork lift or crane. These small sizes are ideal for use in shopping precincts and shopping malls and internally in larger buildings.

Demountable pods are available in a range of sizes varying from 4000mm to 7000mm with a maximum weight of 3000 kgs although it is possible to be of much greater weight. Due to their size and weight we build a specific trailer or vehicle to carry them to site where they can be demounted manually or by hydraulics.

Our pods are designed by us and ideal for retailing and vending but also ideal for a wide variety of uses and situations.

We also offer standard new and used ISO transport shipping containers for our conversions. Whilst there are various designs of shipping container, the majority are termed “dry van containers”, which are built to carry general freight and ideal for conversion.

We use a variety of sizes that are available as standard.

8ft shipping container8ft (2.43m)7ft (2.20m)7ft 6in (2.27m)
10ft shipping container9ft 10in (2.99 m)8ft (2.44m)8ft 6in (2.59m)
20ft shipping container20ft (6.06m)8ft (2.44m)8ft 6in (2.6m)
40ft shipping container40ft (12.2m)8ft (2.44m)8ft 6in (2.6m)

As shipping containers are capable of being stacked they lend themselves perfectly to those projects were ground level entry is ideal but more than one story desirable.

Containers require craning onto site so we tend to recommend them for those uses where the units are to be in situ for a period of time. If you require ground entry but have a fast moving situation such as an exhibition roadshow or incident command unit then we recommend one of our trailer or vehicle mounted pods.

Our Vehicle Types

Our range of products is diverse and includes the following types:

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