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Why choose a bespoke built catering trailer from us? by Scott Walker


Our client’s success in their business really matters to us and none more so than those operating in the lucrative, but competitive, outdoor food market and whose catering trailers are critical to this success.

At MVTech we have a long history of working in various markets which enables us to bring a wide range of skills and experience to create the bespoke catering trailer which is our speciality.

Our bespoke catering trailer range

youn lady being served a burger from a catering trailerWe produce a full range of trailers from single axle 3 metre car towable trailers right through to 4, 5 and 6 metre tandem axle models along with turntable steer 7 metre versions. Hence weights of trailers range for 750 kgs up to the maximum permissible of 3500 kgs.

These are built in house in our factory in Thurmaston, Leicester, and each chassis is designed specifically for each customer to ensure that weight distribution and balance ensure a smooth and safe towing trailer.

Like the trailer chassis our bodies are custom built.  Whilst the bulk of our bodies are box shaped our experience in the world of exhibition trailers means we have a wealth of creative ideas and abilities when it comes to moving away from a square box to have shape and form.

Traditional features including swing out menu boards, hinge up canopies, drop down counters, hatches, LED lighting, illuminated signs, are all standard design features.  But we can enhance the impact of these with slide out extension pods, pylons and roof mounted features, all of which can fold down or slide in for transportation.

And most important of all, of course, is the fact that we submit each of our catering trailers for independent inspection to provide the legally required IVA (Individual vehicle Approval) Certificate. For more information see

It is also worth noting that in addition to our own builds we do convert existing vintage trailers (and vehicles) ranging from old horseboxes to the eponymous Citroen H Vans and Piaggio vehicles our American Airstream trailers.

We built for a wide range of foods

male customer waiting to be served at a burger van trailerWell really it’s a case of “you name it” and we can do it! Our team have worked together for many years and if something is new to them, and we’re always keen to “break new ground” then they are more than happy to do detailed research to enable us to design, build and install just what you want.

But to date we have built catering trailers providing the following:

Pizza : Gin bars : Fish and chips : Sandwiches : World foods : Burgers and bacon rolls : Ice cream : Donuts : Tea and coffee : Kebabs


So why choose an MVTech catering trailer

Creative design

If you want a standard box shaped trailer that’s absolutely no problem, as more often than not they are the lowest cost.  But if you want to stand out from the crowd we can take your brief and come up with create chaps and approaches to provide you with something seriously individual and bespoke to you.

And this applies to the imagery and branding too!  If you have your own corporate identity then we can reproduce it for you or, if not, we can help you create something unique.

We offer 3D image drawings along with animations oif required to enable you to see and get the feall of the trailer before we even start work on the construction.  And during construction you’re more than welcome to visit us to stand inside your build at any time. Tweaking details are no problem to us and we fully understand it should you wish to do so.

american airstream trailer selling american sweets old horse box converted into a catering trailer serving counter of a catering trailer

Catering equipment

We choose only the most suitable catering equipment for our catering trailers.  Some pieces of equipment that may be the ideal in a building are not necessarily the best in a mobile situation.  So we research and test for the best for the environment and use we’re going to put them to.  We also consider weight and balance, ease of cleaning, ease of servicing, ability to secure, reliability and the capability to handle the bumps and bounces of travel.

If you’re an established business you’ll know what works for you and we’ll install what you know you can rely on.  But if you’re new to the business we’re there to guide you all along the way. As we said at the beginning of this blog, your success means a lot to us as we like to think of ourselves as a member of your team before, during and after you have purchased a trailer from us.

After sales service

We never like to say goodbye! Waving you off from our factory is not for us the end.  Although we will deliver your new trailer if you wish.  Either way we’re here for you for years to come.

If you need repairs for any damage

To provide regular maintenance of your trailer chassis (which we strongly recommend)

Re-certification of electrical and gas equipment

Provide deep cleaning services

Alterations and installation of new equipment

counter being tidied up by the operator frying pan on gas ring

For more information and discuss any catering trailer requirement you have please call us on 0116 326 0989 and ask for my colleague Steve Stones who will provide all of the assistance, advice and information you may require.  You can alternatively drop him an e-mail on

Catering Trailers

In addition to design and build we also HIRE catering trailers and catering vehicles on short and long term contracts. Please ask for details