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Explaining our move to more marketing orientated and exciting catering trailers by Scott Walker

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Not that long ago when you made a search for “catering trailers for sale” it brought up a rather unprepossessing list of rather ordinary box trailers or some badly converted caravans, not to mention a few commercial vehicles with unattractive hatches cut into the side panel.

However outdoor eating and street food have moved on in a really big way from the days you only saw food trailers parked up in a layby and surrounded by lorry drivers happily devouring (and enjoying) “greasy” burgers or you may have seen them (a little more jazzed up) at a travelling fair offering hot dogs and candy floss to teenagers.

In the present day the catering trailers that we have for sale on our web site are designed for clients offering high quality food products.  Not just using their catering trailers for serving hungry travellers but more for promoting their independent producer credentials, promoting their specialist niche products, sampling and selling everything from cider to sausages or promoting their locally grown produce.

Anyone with a new food product or wishing to set up a catering or street food business can now join a respectable and well appreciated market place where sampling, tasting and eating food outdoors is no longer an act of necessity, but one of lifestyle choice at outdoor events and on the streets. Now catering trailers are fitted out with a range of catering equipment facilitating the preparation of superb high quality food, incorporating high quality ingredients and serving a diverse range of clients, many of whom may have purposefully travelled a distance for the pleasure of street food on offer.


catering trailer cooking demonstrationWhat is street food?

An interesting definition of street food can be found within Wikipedia

Street food consists of ready-to-eat foods or drinks sold by a hawker, or vendor, in a street or other public place, such as at a market or fair. It is often sold from a portable food booth, food cart, or food truck and meant for immediate consumption. Some street foods are regional, but many have spread beyond their region of origin. Most street foods are classified as both finger food and fast food, and are typically cheaper than restaurant meals.”

 Not a bad definition although I doubt any of our clients would like to be described as “hawkers” which comes across as an old fashioned term which no longer conjures up the image of the skilled and dedicated caterers that we build catering trailers for! Nor does it imply the wonderful aromas and quality of food now on offer.


catering trailers for sale

Street food today

There are no limits to the street food being prepared, cooked and consumed outdoors and nor should we forget the pre-cooked food that is purchased from trailers for eating elsewhere, at home (or more commonly at the office desk!)

Catering trailers are no longer restricted to simply serving fish and chips, burgers or bacon rolls, for they now offer everything from baked potatoes, pizza, pancakes, scampi, tapas and teppanya plus many many more wonderful foods created locally and  from around the world.  And let’s not forget the eponymous sandwich vans which provide sustenance on so many industrial estates up and down the land!  Most offering some great sandwiches with exciting combinations of ingredients.

In the aftermath of the Covid pandemic there is a preference by many for street food and outdoor eating just as outdoor drinking has become accepted, rather than as an anti-social activity.

Street food today provides customers with far better value for money, less of a health risk, than traditional indoor cafes and restaurants and, dare I even say it, often much tastier authentic food cooked and served by those so dedicated to their own produce.


catering trailers offering seatingThe varied designs of our catering trailers for sale

 Along with the increasing sophistication of the food on offer by outdoor caterers and street vendors there has been a need for catering trailers and catering van manufacturers such as ourselves to up our game too.  No longer is a square box with a few stick on additions satisfactory.

There is a requirement to generate the right image for the produce and catering on offer and this is where our many years’ experience in the exhibition market comes into play.  We have built exhibition and sampling trailers and exhibition vehicles for a broad range of clients whose need to generate an image of creativity pushes our design and engineering skills to new levels as each season passes.

This enables us to look at our clients produce, and target consumer profile and offer design ideas and advice to match their needs.  From prepacked sandwiches to cooking demonstrations, fresh to frozen foods we have the experience and skills to create a catering trailer that will attract the customers and provide the sales and catering workspace needed.

But whatever the design and format required we have the ability to create something special just for you, styling our catering trailers with shaped bodies, banner boards, pylons, menu displays, serving and tasting counters.  Where required combining these with external equipment features which may include seating, tables, canopies and even fencing and others items to create a complete presentation when attending outdoor events such as Country Fairs.

So whatever your need be it simple and basic or somewhat more complex our highly experienced team can create not just the shell you require but also provide advice on the installation of the right catering equipment and the all-important power supply where this is needed!

We also embrace all new technologies so if you wish to enhance your presentation with LED lighting displays, CCTV catering demonstration linked to a fitted external screens we can help.  For those not simply selling but looking to build up client details we can offer IT recording systems. New and even established businesses can use their mobile catering trailers to build up data bases, encouraging future on line purchases.

Our range of special conversions includes building from new and also converting something that already exists, so our range of catering trailers for sale includes, but is not limited to trailers:

  • Horse box conversions
  • Vintage vehicle conversions
  • Ice cream vans
  • Airstream conversions
  • Bicycles
  • Van conversions
  • Chassis cabs
  • Mobile library conversions
  • Ambulance conversions
  • Camper van conversions


range of catering trailers for saleCatering and display equipment

With the ever expanding market for exotic foods combined with more diverse and unique ways of preparing, cooking and presentation we have moved a long way from simply installing a fat fryer, bain-marie and a hot water boiler!

At MVTech our engineering team are experienced in meeting our clients’ challenges for installing new and innovative combinations of equipment along with the every present challenge of making the whole interior functional but appealing.  Weight too can often become a serious issue to be aware of and here again we can help by using our experience to calculate and advise on solutions to enable the right equipment, stock and consumables to be carrier on board.

For those who are also displaying and perhaps selling merchandise we can devise sales and display counters and in some trailers even included self service!


Where our catering trailers are used

One of the main reasons for the increase in the diverse styling and content of the catering trailers and vans is clearly down to the fact that they are no longer just placed on the eponymous layby, trading estate or fairground. Nowadays our clients are attending farmers markets, festivals of food, street based events and pageants, country fairs and county shows to name but a few.

If you’re thinking of starting a new food based or catering business on the low cost entry that a mobile catering trailer can provide but think your options for its use can be limited…think again.  The opportunities to sell are all around you and just require a little lateral thinking.  If need be we can help you brain storm your project, working with you to exploit to the fullest possible return on your investment in your chosen trailer or van.


catering trailer for sale demonstrationNew to outdoor catering and starting up?

We have many clients with a long trading history and we enjoy working with them as their businesses expand, but it is for those with new venture ideas or those just starting out, that our experience and expertise can come to the fore. We take great pride in sharing our clients’ success and look on any new venture as if it were our own. Working together to find the right solution on how best to prepare and sell the foods on offer be they pre-packaged or freshly cooked on site.



It was undoubtedly the Romans who were responsible for introducing street food and early forms of fast food take-aways,   Whilst MVTech was not around in those days to help an entrepreneurial Roman Citizen we are here today, to work with all who, like ourselves, share our passion and belief in street food and outdoor catering.

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