Dog Van Conversions

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Dog van conversions by the Animedix Division of Multi Vehicle Technology Ltd


Each and every dog van that we manufacture is specifically designed with safety, security and comfort of the dogs being transported in mind and all are developed from our considerable experience supplying veterinary practices and animal charities with veterinary ambulances, mobile veterinary surgeries and animal welfare and rescue vehicles.

Not only do we take into account all appropriate legislation and guidelines that are provided by both DEFRA and the RSPCA regarding dog transportation but also the needs of the dog van owner and driver, so that each vehicle is bespoke built to individual needs and circumstances.

Hence we supply our vehicles to public and private sector clients from dog handlers, dog walking services, security firms, pet hotels, pet taxi services and veterinary practices to local authority dog wardens along with search and rescue organisations and many more.

Dog vans, the vehicles

Due to our strong relationships with many leading manufacturers we are able to supply new dog vans at highly competitive prices whilst also being more than happy to convert an existing client supplied vehicle, should it be suitable for the purpose.

For smaller dog vans we currently recommend the Citroen Berlingo  which won van of the year award.

We are also in the forefront of producing electric powered dog vans in that we are already converting vehicles such as the Nissan env200 for this use. This is proving to be a popular and well received vehicle.

dog van
dog van

Our conversions

We take great pride in the design and construction of the interiors of our dog vans with the aim of combining practicality with comfort for the dogs.  Greater comfort leads to less stress and much happier animal.

Our vans are insulated and lined with high gloss, easy wipe clean bacterial resistant surfaces, with secure flooring on to which kennels and other equipment is securely fitted. All joints are sealed to enable the dog van to be thoroughly deep cleaned as and when required.

LED lighting is installed within all door frames for evening or night use.

dog van
dog van

Our kennels

We tend not to use the terminology “cage” feeling more comfortable by describing our travelling facilities as “kennels” to reflect the importance to us of the welfare of the dogs being transported.

All of our kennels are designed and manufactured in house from high grade stainless steel, box, angle, sheet and mesh.  Thus providing you with long lasting, substantial removable units that can withstand a great deal of use, and ultimately be transferable from one vehicle to another.

Large kennels are fitted with removable central dividers to accommodate the option for one or two dogs whilst in larger vans our kennels are strong enough to be double or even triple stacked.

Where requested we include raised floors with perforations or deep rubber matting to enable the dogs to remain dry even if they urinate during transit.  All of our kennels are sealed to hold liquids to avoid spillage into the vehicle itself.

Our kennel gates and method of securing are our own design and unique to our dog vans. This design provides a very secure two point fastening whilst both locking points can be released and closed using only one hand, allowing a free hand free to guide the dog into the kennel.

For some requirements our clients quite rightly prefer kennels built directly into the van interior as opposed to removable units.  Again we have experience and practical designs for this approach, but again we use only high grade stainless steel in our builds.

Optional features

In addition to kennels we also install, as and where required the following features:

Hand wash units

Paper towel dispensers

Gel dispensers

Storage lockers

Coat hooks

Locked medicines cabinets

Escape hatches

Access ramps


Acoustic bulkheads

Climate control

Additional passenger seating

dog van

Exterior features

Roof vents, both powered and rotary are installed to suit the size of vehicle and number of dogs being carried.

Side and rear windows can be fitted to requirements.

We also have our own in house graphics and vehicle wrapping design and application department to create any external appearance that may be wanted. This often ranges from the very basic to the highly creative full vehicle wrap.


Finally, with the increase in the awful crime of “dog knapping” taking place we are being increasingly asked to use our skills and experience in the security van conversion market to make some of our dog vans that much more secure. Much more secure than has previously been required.

For those of our clients, such as professional dog walking service providers, who require this extra security we can provide addition locking devices, security plating and even inner security doors all of which significantly minimise the risk of dog theft.  Auto alarm systems can also be extended.

Multi Vehicle Technology Ltd also has its own vehicle telematics division whose skills include the supply and installation of monitoring cameras, linked to dash board screens and base computers, which can be used to monitor the dogs in transit whilst simultaneously providing security via monitoring of the vehicle in a variety of ways.

dog van
dog van

To summarise, our Animedix Team will work with you to create the best possible solutions for your dog van requirements, work with you during the conversion and offer ongoing after sales support.


Our specialist team (all dog lovers and owners) within our Animedix Division  are available to offer advice and design ideas for all dog van conversions.  Whatever your need we can find a cost effective solution for you.

And mentioning cost, if you prefer a finance option rather than outright purchase, we can offer a range of packages to suit your budget.

For more information about our dog van conversions call Steve Stones on 01163261802 or write to him at