Exhibition trailer design and manufacture


scott-walkerExhibition trailer designs and manufacturing for your success by Scott Walker


Exhibition trailers: we design and manufacture all of our trailers sturdy enough, and not just for use on the highway and shopping precincts but for off road use, over challenging terrain, for participation in county shows, agricultural events to mention but a few scenarios.  Any type of exhibition trailer falls within our experience and skill.

Our aim is always to provide high quality and technically advanced engineering at a value for money cost.  But we’re a business that does not restrict its ability to manufacture we like to provide sound advice. When what you require is help and input for your project to do something that is either new to you, or just a little bit special, our very experience team are here to use their “little grey cells” to provide solutions.

At Multi Vehicle Technology we aim to use our teams combined experience to provide good, honest, open advice coupled with a personal friendly service. With us no enquiry is ever just a statistic, whether a multi-national, a charity, public services, a new business starting up or an individual you really are important to us….and we’ll look after your project from inception to completion… then look forward to working with you again and again should you want us to.


crowdsImaginative designs to project solutions

 Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions”  Albert Einstein

Every project we work on, every design we create and every exhibition trailer we construct is individual and unique. We do not limit our creativity to the mundane.

We never suggest or recommend just any old design, because we don’t “churn out” standard box body trailers.  We listen to your needs, ask questions, and learn to understand your requirements of your project and, only then, make our recommendations and produce creative concepts for your consideration.

Our response and proposal to any enquiry, we hope, is always a practical working exhibition trailer to suit your needs and your budget. If there are viable options we tell you about them.

Innovation and engineering skills go hand in hand with our team’s experience which has been built up over hundreds of projects, some of which have been small others large and others in multiples of trailers.  These skills and experience have enabled us to have created some of the most successful exhibition trailers that are around today.

Our investment in 3D design and animation enable us to create, visualise, engineer and calculate all aspects of your project.  The result being that you can walk around, look through, and down on your build, before we even start! https://www.multivehicletechnology.co.uk/services/cad/

Apart from the creative and engineering skills and experience we offer we aim to ensure that you are fully aware of all the legal issues that may affect your project, from Construction and Use Regulations https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1986/1078/contents/made , Individual Type Approval https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-approval/individual-vehicle-approval and towing rules  https://www.gov.uk/towing-rules


Our exhibition trailers are created to accomplish your strategic objectives

We build every type and style of exhibition trailer from the small, single axle car towable format through to full 13.6 metre articulated trailers which can feature extension pods, double decks and viewing platforms.

exhibition trailer with platform        A simple summary is as follows:

              Single axle exhibition trailers       (3 to 4 metres in length)

              Tandem axle trailers                      (4 to 6 metres in length)

              Turntable steer trailers                 (6 to 7 metres in length)

             Lightweight articulated trailers   (9 to 11 metres in length)

              HGV articulated trailers               (10 to 13.6 metres in length)


Our trailers have a cornucopia range of uses

The uses to which our exhibition trailers can be put are incredibly diverse so much so that is not easy to list all but here is just a few:

Exhibition and hospitality events    :    Product display and presentations    :    Brand experience activities    :    Outreach resource centre activities

Training and education projects    :    Public information roadshows    :    Catering demonstrations    :    Product sampling campaigns

Health awareness programmes    :    Mobile clinical services    :    Experiential campaigns    :    Precinct marketing activities

Recruitment programmes    :    Mobile shopping    :    Mobile cash points for events    :    Gaming activities


mobile-shop display-interior outreach-mobile


Interior inspirations (it’s the details and final touches that count)

 “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak”      Epictetus

We give as much care and attention to the interior design and styling as we afford to the basic construction and engineering of the overall build by listening to what you want.

We have found that no two clients have the same needs nor expectations so we deliberately do not offer a Standard “off the shelf approach” to the creation and appearance of the interior….we prefer to produce whatever you really do want; from providing a totally empty shell for your own team to complete, right through to us providing a fully installed interior.

Whether you need a comfortable and stylish appearance for hospitality, a clinical finish for surgery or a functional heavy duty chunky environment for working machinery, we can help, advise and manufacture what you require.

There is in fact no limit to the kind of environment that we can create, equipment or displays that we cannot install with our experience ranging from  cash machines, vending machines, driving simulators to gaming and play equipment …….not to mention fully fitted showrooms, and fully fitted catering facilities and even living accommodation. https://www.multivehicletechnology.co.uk/bespoke-solutions/

If sample swatches of materials and finishes are required for your own presentations to your colleagues to view then we can normally provide these for you.


Exterior livery and graphics to encourage engagement

We provide a complete range of exterior decorative options for your exhibition trailer. https://www.multivehicletechnology.co.uk/services/vehicle-graphics/

Generally speaking the external panels of our exhibition trailers are finished in gloss white.  From there we can apply simple vinyl lettering and logos to keep costs to a minimum or we can completely paint spray to the colour of choice and combine this with graphics.

Alternatively we can vinyl wrap the entire outer body (and inside too!) with printed vinyl to create a stunning image that transforms the exterior.

There is virtually no limit to the effects and finish and images that we can create to make your exhibition trailer stand out from the crowd at an event or attract the visitors you wish to encourage….advertising you company, your brands or your services.


manufacture         Refurbishment and servicing

We provide a wide range of support and after sales services to keep your exhibition trailer on the road and up to date. Ranging from:

                                                       *    Basic maintenance

                                                       *   Accident repair

                                                       *   Redecoration

                                                       *   Re-branding


We can take “tired” and “over worked” exhibition trailers and perform an amazing transformation for you making them look and feel new.  We can even change their basic use with a totally complete renovation.

If you already have an exhibition trailer and want a revamp for the new season or a new campaign activity we can certainly help you.

No job or task is too small to be of interest and we’ve never been known to say that any job is impossible for us!


Other exhibition trailer services

In addition to creating new exhibition trailers and refurbishing existing ones we are also provide services covering the sale or purchase of second hand trailers along with offering hire services too.


Factory visits

Unlike many who profess “to manufacture” exhibition trailers we actually do!  Our factory is real and is located in Thurmaston, Leicester, making it easily accessible from all parts of the country by road, rail and even air (East Midlands Airport) and what’s more we welcome visitors to come and see production and meet our team for themselves.


Anthology of our clients

Government, public services, local authorities, multinationals, family businesses, charities, start-ups and individuals all choose to use our services and we treat all the same commitment.

Just a small selection of clients are:

Loomis, Kia Motors, Gamewagon, Highways Agency, Leicestershire council, Sunderland City Council, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, Samsung, Vita Coco, Moores, Pivotal, S&C, Tranam, English Indian, Wessex Conservation, Cambridgeshire County Council, Charnwood, Age UK, Central England Co-operative


For more information about our commitment to provide exceptional exhibition trailers please call my colleague Steve Stones on 0116 326 0989 or write to him on stevestones@multivehicletechnology.co.uk

exhibition-trailer                         Alternatively you can take a look at our web site or read a few more of our BLOGS


                       “We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit” Aristotle