Exhibition trailer refurbishment

exhibition trailer refurbishment

Exhibition trailer refurbishment is an important part of our business and one that can provide our clients with many benefits.

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“It’s really quite amazing what we can do with a tired, worn out looking trailer, or even one which has a few mechanical issues, which many could be forgiven for thinking may be ready for the proverbial “scrap yard”.  In truth much can be done to give an old exhibition trailer a new and worthwhile life”   Scott Walker


You’ll may be have to forgive us for being so sentimental but at MVTech we live and breathe  exhibition trailers.  Building a new one from initial concept to final valeting is for us a very rewarding and exciting business to be in.  But that said there is just as much excitement to be had (and dare I even say more?) when taking into the factory a beaten, battered and worn out trailer and from there giving it a new lease of life.

It may be for the current owner or it may be for a new owner.

In so doing it is also possible and perfectly normal to transform the intended use.  We can for example take a traditional hospitality unit with comfortable seating and galley, take everything out and create a public information trailer of transform an exhibition trailer into one fully fitted out with catering equipment for product sampling and tasting roadshows.  Everything and anything is possible.

Mechanical issues that may arise during an exhibition trailer refurbishment

Very few exhibition trailers will cover the high mileages for which the running gear, wheels and tow hitches are built for but unless carefully maintained will naturally wear.  Our workshop team is experienced in all aspects of trailer repair and servicing so we can take care of any issues such as:

  •      Welding and repairing damage to the chassis
  •      Straightening “A” frames
  •     Brake adjustment or replacement
  •     Coupling servicing or replacement
  •     Tyre checks and changes
  •     Road lighting including marker lights
  •     Body repair including corner caps and roof sealing
  •     Hydraulics (if fitted to platforms or canopies) are a speciality of ours.

Exterior features of an exhibition trailer

Just because a trailer looks the way it is doesn’t mean that it has to be that way. We can transform the appearance and purpose of most that we are asked to look at and in many cases can even increase the floor space or outer space by a variety of extension options.  Just a few of the features we can add or reshape are:

  •     Windows and doors
  •     Steps, ramps and handrails
  •     Hatches and hatch covers
  •     Banner boards and swing out display panels
  •     Canopies and platforms
  •     Colour and branding graphics

Interior features

Oh wow…where to start!  We can do so much it is almost impossible to cover everything that can be done but here as a guide is just a sample of possibilities we can do for you:

  • Complete strip outs
  • Replacement of electrical installations
  • Replacement or installation of services such as heating, air conditioning, gas, water etc
  • Replace upholstery or create completely new seating
  • Build in cupboards and worktops
  • Lay a wide range of floor coverings
  • Create a new decor
  • LED lighting displays
  • Install IT systems along with a wide range of media communications
  • Professional catering equipment
  • Living accommodation

Change of use

As I have already mentioned, an exhibition trailer refurbishment often involves a complete change of use and here again we find this quite an exciting challenge.  So our advice would be that if you’re looking at purchasing an existing trailer but feel it isn’t what you want either in looks or content…don’t necessarily overlook it.  Give a call and we can discuss what can (and in rare cases) what cannot be changed.

That one thing that can never be changed is the plated weight.  So the best advice is to always check out what weight the trailer is plated at and this will determine not only what we can do with it but also what you need to tow it with.    If your not familiar with the law regarding trailer weights (and don’t worry if you’re not, not many people are!) but wish to know more you can visit the government web site at  https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-weights-explained

interior of an exhibition trailer whilst being refurbished
The interior of an exhibition trailer being totally rebuilt

Contact us

In today’s current climate with component supply issues anyone want to launch a new roadshow quickly may need to give serious consideration to making use of an existing trailer even if initially it doesn’t look as though it is suitable for the job.  If you need to be on the road quickly then do give us a call and we will help you find a trailer or, if you already have one, we can work with you to transform it for your new activities. You can read more about us at our web site https://www.multivehicletechnology.co.uk/

So please call us on 0116 326 0989 to discuss your requirements and ask for Steve Stones or alternatively e-mail us on sales@multivehicletechnology.co.uk and we will get back to you.

If you haven’t already noticed we are based in Leicester which is very much central should you wish to visit (and incidentally you’re more than welcome to.  In addition we have a field based team who are always available to call on you to provide advice.




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