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scott-walkerExhibition trailer design service and how we go about it at Multi Vehicle Technology is one of the most important pillars of our business by Scott Walker


          “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for”  Milton Glaser


Elements of the exterior exhibition trailer design

Our creative team firmly believe in the words of the late great American designer, Milton Glaser (perhaps best known for his iconic “I love New York” logo) and are themselves always aiming to create the WOW response.  This doesn’t of course mean that we are always trying to create the downright different or the radically new just for the sake of it. In our view the wow factor is achieved when our clients are delighted that an exhibition trailer concept we’re proposing fully satisfies their brief and brings them success.

Sometimes, indeed quite often, creativity means combining very standard features but in a way that will ensure each clients unique set of objectives and requirements can be achieved.

7-metre-trailer-designExternal appearance

The exteriors of our trailers vary in size and shape and image, reflecting not just the individuality of the clients business but the many and varied purposes that an exhibition trailer can be put to.   No one standard format fits all and, what may be functional and attractive for one project, can so easily be wrong for another.

So where possible we like to avoid the “identikit” approach to design, as there is nothing so off putting as being just one of the crowd differentiated only by ones logo.  Each and every business, even those targeting similar markets and customers, have their own unique selling points (their USP’s). So when it comes to discussing your project with you we like to get under your skin, understand how you promote your products, see what makes you stand out and be special to your target audience.  Then, and only then, can we start to develop your corporate image and transform it into a three dimension promotional tool….…which frankly speaking is what your exhibition trailer is.

Being the first thing your customers see, the exterior is really important in order to grab their attention and create that “desire” to walk up to, and in most cases, come on board to meet you.

exhibition-trailer-conceptAccessibility is oh so important!

And linked to the importance of external appearance is ensuring the access we create is welcoming, that it’s easy, and that it’s safe for all to use!  Like you, we take the Disability Discrimination Act seriously, and take into account the needs of those in wheelchairs, limited mobility and visual impairments. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/access-to-and-use-of-buildings-approved-document-m

As such we incorporate into our designs appropriate entrances, sturdy steps, solid wheelchair ramps (ideal for prams too!) and provide staff personnel doors to avoid blocking public entrances. The good old British weather is nothing if not variable so hinged up canopies are used to provide effective protection from rain as much sunshine.

Creating branding opportunities

My colleagues in the design team are always thinking about display and again, where appropriate, will be recommending display panels, roof mounted banner boards, solid pylons, flags and other features which can carry logos, branding and information.

Nothing escapes our attention.  Tradition PVC skirts have their place but we look to make a difference where it counts, perhaps printing these with images to match the trailer or using solid or perforated sheeting in place of a fabric.  Each of these options has their own features and benefits, and when it comes to presenting the design to you, we explain why we have chosen a particular option and the reasoning behind it.

I use these few features simply to illustrate how important individual design is to the success of your roadshow.

For more information about our exhibition trailer design service please visit https://www.multivehicletechnology.co.uk/

7-metre-trailer-design hospitality-trailer-creative

Maximising floor space can be critical for some

I think everyone knows about Dr Who and the TARDIS and we too can work a little bit of magic too when more floor space is required than the basic trailer dimensions can allow.  One simple way is to provide hinged down platforms which can double or even treble floor space when fitted to both sides of the trailer.  We can enclose these by adding matching hinge up canopies and fold out walling.

If a faster set up is preferred then our extension pods (slide-outs) can be fitted to sides or even ends of trailers to provide additional weatherproof extensions.  These extensions being operated manually by winding handles, by hand pumped hydraulics or easier still electrically operated.

One last option that needs to be mentioned here is the practicality of using the roof space. Whilst it is quite common to make viewing platforms on the roofs of articulated trailers we also can provide working roof space on smaller trailers to create great viewing platforms and exceptional seating areas, ideal for exhibition trailers being used at sporting events and similar.

exhibition-trailers-visualTrailer linking

We have on occasion had clients who believe they may be asking for the impossible.  Take for example the company that needs a really big unit at prestigious events but is also in need of smaller trailers for local events.  Rather than require an extortionately high budget we have in the past proposed building just two 7 metre trailers and then linking them together via doors and a platform.

Just for good measure for one roadshow our concept featured a spiral staircase in one trailer leading to direct access to the roof of the second trailer.

This kind of lateral and creative thinking enabling a client to achieve their objective within the confines of their budget is our bread and butter and my very experienced exhibition trailer design colleagues revel in the challenge that each new roadshow brings.


“The key to great ideas is not having them, it is executing them. And great ideas come from problems.  As designers we call problems, briefs and we call reactions to problems concepts”  Kate Moross


Operational practicalities built into our exhibition trailer designs

But however innovative our design, we remain conscious of the need for practicality.  Setting a trailer up on a cold wet and windy January day (yes I’ve done it more times than I care to think about!) is a far cry from doing so in the relative warmth of a factory.

So much so that we factor this aspect into our thinking from quite an early stage in the design process.  Cold fingers or gloved hands are taken into account at this stage just as, for exactly the same reasoning; we aim for construction methods that avoid lying on ones back underneath a trailer or climbing dangerously high.

Ease of use and safety are a major consideration at an early stage in the design process.


interior-design-concept3D design and animation

Our 3D computer modelling systems enable you to experience in some detail the shape and style of the concept we propose. Via our animation process we can walk you around and even into and through any proposed exhibition trailer long before construction begins.

By doing so we ensure our concepts, features and their benefits to you are fully appreciated and understood at a very early stage.

Exhibition trailer graphics

What’s more we don’t treat external graphics as a sudden after-thought once the exhibition trailers are built.  By thinking ahead we avoid constructional design features, locks and clips that can hinder or spoil the visual image of the graphics.

The position and size of entrances and windows along with service hatches and accessories are also carefully thought through to maximise branding opportunities.

Interior designroadshow-trailer-design

By talking and listening to you, by asking questions and getting to understand your business we can learn how to present your company inside your trailer, be it for hospitality or product demonstration, education or something else.  Where appropriate we can take inspiration from your office building, brochures, web site, your above line marketing activities or your corporate branding.

All of these help us come up with suggestions for how the interior should look and feel.

The interior, even more so than the exterior, needs to be unique to satisfy your unique needs, so each and every trailer is different and individually designed, avoiding the “identikit” image of others and making your business and products stand out….unique for you and your customers.

We use tried and tested cutting edge material and component suppliers from whose catalogues we can choose, with you, the content and colours to create the environment that you want.

Whilst appearance is one thing we also advise and take into account practicality.  With our extensive experience we have a feel for the features that work…not to mention the ones to avoid! So by working with us you can be sure that the design you get is the design you need to look good and to work well and function for years to come.

We’re also quite up to date with latest technologies which enable us to provide you with the very latest smart technology, LED lighting, internet communications, cctv, and more, should these be part of the brief.

So with Multi Vehicle Technology you can be assured that the materials we specify and the construction methods we use are all carefully selected to provide you with the very best return on your investment which will hold its value for years to come.  https://www.multivehicletechnology.co.uk/products/exhibition-trailers-and-vehicles/


“ Bad design shouts at you. Good design is the silent seller.”  Shane Meendering


interior of trailer exhibition-trailers-proposal multi-vehicle-technology


Whilst my BLOG here has focused on our exhibition trailer design service we offer for all classifications of exhibition trailers I would just like to remind you that we are primarily manufacturers with our factory located in Thurmaston, Leicester.  If you wish to see the manufacturing process for yourself along with the other specialist and bespoke vehicles that we construct and convert you are more than welcome to visit.


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