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scott-walkerExhibition vehicle hire   A new self-drive service has just been introduced by Multi Vehicle Technology Ltd, a leading manufacturer of exhibition trailers and specialist vehicles.  Here Scott Walker explains why this new hire service is so appropriate now.



Driving licences:

Prior to January 1997 anyone passing the standard driving test automatically gained a licence to tow a trailer.  However this all changed on that date and anyone taking and passing their test from that date onwards no longer has such an automatic right and to tow a trailer legally must take (and pass) a separate specific trailer towing test.

This means in practice that almost anyone under the age of 40 to 41 years of age is unable to tow trailers without taking this additional test.  The result of this being that self-towing an exhibition trailer is restricted to only a few people.

If you are in any doubt about what you can drive I recommend visiting the Governments own web site on this subject https://www.gov.uk/vehicles-can-drive

Tachograph legislation:

To add to the woes of towing an exhibition trailer almost all (with the exception of the very smallest) require a tachograph to be fitted to the towing vehicle, which requires the driver then to operate within regulations covering driving hours etc.

If you want to know more about these regulations I would recommend visiting https://www.gov.uk/tachographs

To summarise: the combination of driving license restrictions with tachograph regulations, which many folk are not aware of, do rule out self-trailer towing for the vast majority of organisations.  


One of our self drive hire vehicles in production

3500 kgs chassis cab based exhibition vehicles

 Having given you the bad news here is the really good news! Anyone with a standard driving licence is entitled to drive a vehicle up to the maximum weight of 3500 kgs and to make these vehicles even more attractive they do not require a tachograph

In response to many of our clients wanting to self-drive we have focused on designing innovative exhibition vehicles, rather than trailer based units.

Now, in addition to manufacturing, https://www.multivehicletechnology.co.uk/products/exhibition-trailers-and-vehicles/    we are introducing a self-drive exhibition vehicle hire service with a fleet of specially designed vehicles.  This new hire service offers our clients an almost endless list of exciting opportunities and possibilities providing them with much more control over their own campaigns and roadshow activities.

This availability of this self-drive exhibition vehicle hire service also provides solutions to two current situations.  New chassis cabs are currently on lengthy lead times of up to 8 months (a great surprise to many!!) and a hire vehicle enables an activity to start on schedule whilst waiting for a new build.

For some, we know and understand, the need to undertake trial their ideas prior to making what can be a significant financial commitment, and here again an exhibition vehicle hire provides the ideal solution to the dilemma.

Our hire fleet

Each one of our hire vehicles is based on low floor chassis which have been specifically created to provide easy access because of small distance between ground and floor.  Originally designed as load carrying vehicles allowing delivery drivers to load and unload without the need for a high flight of steps or a hydraulically powered tail lift.

For exactly the same reasons this style of construction makes for an ideal exhibition vehicle by providing very low access. Two steps are not intimidating to most people and where beneficial it is possible to fit a simple short access ramp avoiding the need for expensive and heavy powered wheelchair lift.

Self-drive exhibition vehicle hire is a perfect solution for many uses

  • Product demonstration, for consumer or trade campaigns
  • Food sampling, at food fairs, county shows, street markets
  • Community outreach to provide a range of community and youth based services
  • Health related roadshows to encourage healthy lifestyles
  • Retailing ideal for precinct activities or guerrilla marketing campaigns
  • Meetings and consultation for public consultations
  • Education and training for young and old, commercial or support

 Our exhibition vehicles for hire come with many features


  •  Low floor access makes easy access for all
  • Glazed entrance doors facilitates better vision into and out of the vehicle
  • Full branded wrap available for maximum impact or simple graphics
  • Fold out display panels to add to impact and provide space for branding and information
  • Hinge up canopy with banner boards provide weather protection and add to branding
  • Wheelchair access ramp to comply with DDA regulations
  • Mains electric inlet socket providing full electrical power


  • Adaptive flexible internal space via removable and relocatable furniture
  • Removable storage cupboards maximise the flexibility of use or introduction of counters and worktops
  • Removable comfortable seating where seating may or may not be required
  • LED lighting provides a great interior lighting with low power requirement
  • Graphics panels can be simple nyloop or creatively LED lit to suit the needs of the interior content
  • AV equipment along with a range of smart technology can be installed as requested
  • Internet access connectivity is available if specifically requested
  • Full electrical installation ensures ample lighting and 13 amp sockets
  • Roof mounted air conditioning units can be fitted as an optional additional feature.

When you collect your hire vehicle from us it will be ready to fulfil your activity ensuring that you can make maximum impact from start to finish of your hire.  Our experienced team will run through all aspects of its operation and provide helpful tips on how to make the most of your campaign.

Longer term roadshow campaign possibilities

 If you are planning a more complex use of the exhibition vehicle but lack the internal human resources to cope with some aspects we can help you out in a number of areas which include:

Location sourcing

Vehicle storage

Support vehicles

Event planning and event staffing

Logistics planning to cover fuel, journey planning, hotels

Risk assessments plus health related items

If any aspect of your planned roadshow is causing you concern then give us a call and we shall do our best to assist or advise.


Wondering if an exhibition vehicle hire service is for you?

If you have a germ of an idea or simply at the very early stages of wondering if a roadshow vehicle will work for you why not call us for a chat.  We work on many long term projects as we are here to support you through a long haul if need be working with you form initial idea through to implementation. We are fully appreciative of the fact that many of our clients need to present their innovative ideas to colleagues, seek budget approval or research funding opportunities. All of which can take time.

Please don’t worry if you’re not expecting to be on the road immediately.  We always welcome your calls and the opportunity to help with any advice from our wealth of experience in the roadshow and events industry.   We’re more than happy to pass on our knowledge of the things that work, and no less important the pitfalls to avoid!

We are happy to assist in preparation of budgets and visuals, all of which can secure colleague approval just that little faster and smoother by answering all questions before they are asked. We’re also quite used to preparing submissions for funding requests so if you want help here, again please call us for a chat.


For more information about our new self-drive hire service

My colleague Steve Stones is available on 0116 326 0989 or via e-mail on stevestones@multivehicletechnology.co.uk  alternatively you can call, text or what’s app him on 07739 302209

In the first instance you may wish to visit our web site to see how we offer a full design service https://www.multivehicletechnology.co.uk/services/cad/


So much is possible with a self-drive exhibition vehicle hire service