Fleet maintenance and refurbishment services

a fleet of cash in transit vehicles parked in a row

Fleet maintenance and specialist vehicle refurbishment is an investment that pays dividends.

“Mechanic slaves, with greasy aprons, rules, and hammers, shall uplift us to the view.”   William Shakespeare.

All fleet managers know the importance of fleet maintenance and are required by law to ensure all of their vehicles are regularly serviced and fully roadworthy at all times. Which we all agree is quite an onerous responsibility!

The bonus of course being that by keeping the vehicles in great condition, by jumping onto repairs quickly or undertaking a timely refurbishment improves everything from fuel efficiency to driver safety, company image and more.

Fleet maintenance and repair

outreach bus conversion with window damaged by vandals
Repairing damage to windows and interior caused by vandals

At MVTech we offer a full accident repair service via our dedicated fleet maintenance workshop where our team can handle all types and levels of repair from simple body and floor repair through to making good any major body and cab damage. Our services include:

  • Replacement panels
  • Crash repairs
  • Body repairs to roof and floors
  • Tail lifts and access doors
  • Side guards and mouldings
  • Floor inspections and replacement where necessary
  • Diagnostic services

Components held in stock

In these slightly troubled times we’re aware that many materials and components are in very short supply and where fleet maintenance requires a quick turnaround there is nothing more frustrating than being told that components are not available.

To maximise our ability to overcome such issues we do our very best to maintain stocks of all regularly required materials and components. Sometimes we do get caught out but generally speaking we have adequate supplies to cope with urgent work.


We offer a paint service to meet all expectations with fully qualified painters using up to date equipment.  We can achieve all paint specification and match fleet colours as required. We use only high quality paints to ensure a first class finish for every vehicle to maximise protection and appearance.

rear panel of an exhibition vehicle with very stunning photo graphics
exhibition vehicle graphics

Vehicle graphics

Vehicle graphics are a powerful advertising tool for any business. Whether that business has a number of vans or a fleet of trucks, having branding, corporate identity and contact details on these vehicles, is an essential part of the marketing mix. Damaged or out of date vehicle graphics do little to help corporate identity as they are often the first thing noticed by clients. For this reason we consider this a no no  which is why we offer a fast turnaround, comprehensive graphics service which can be stand alone or part of a repair or maintenance activity.

We are able to undertake full or partial vehicle wraps or simple logo applications. You choose.

Auto electrics

We have fully qualified auto electricians on site who are able to undertake all types of auto electrical work. Doing so to a very high standard and, of course, complying with all chassis manufacturers’ specific requirements.

We specialise in the following areas of installation, maintenance and repair:

  • Air conditioning systems
  • Heating systems
  • Lighting
  • Navigation
  • Computers and screens
  • Electrical steps and access doors
  • CCTV
fleet maintenance of a command vehicle with mechanic in foreground
An incident command unit being fitted with new suspension by mobile service team

Mobile field services providing fleet maintenance where its needed

The logistics of taking any vehicle to an offsite workshop is disruptive, expensive and time consuming. This can be even more of a headache for those responsible for specialist vehicles such as cash in transit or incident command units that may only require small repairs or simple maintenance.

Our mobile field service engineers are on call on a 24/7 basis to provide fleet maintenance back up wherever the vehicle may be, saving you precious time to focus on what really matters.





a catering van completely stripped out and in poor condition ready to be refurbished
A well used van undergoing a complete refurbishment for a new use

Vehicle refurbishment as a part of fleet maintenance

Specialist vehicles, unlike their commercial goods carrying counterparts are often in need of change.  This can be something as small as an upgrade of on board equipment but can just as easily be a complete change of use.

In the current climate of long lead times for new vehicles this need for refurbish has become ever more pressing and at MVTech we relish this kind of challenge.  We can take on any kind of vehicle transformation that may be required to transfer it from one kind of use to another.


fleet maintenance of an exhibition trailern trailer
Exhibition trailer being refurbished for a new show season

MVTech Creative services

Whilst our design engineers and creative team are mostly tasked with working on our new builds and van conversions they are there to offer support to our repair and maintenance team.  If you wish to use the opportunity of a vehicle service to add features or simply change graphics our Creative services are at your disposal to provide information and ideas.


Whole Vehicle Type Approval

One of our specialities at MVTech is the design and construction of new special purpose vehicles ranging from mobile libraries to exhibition vehicles, incident command units and many more.  As such we have to ensure all of our work conforms with and is individually approved under the Whole Vehicle Type Approval Certification Scheme. https://www.vehicle-certification-agency.gov.uk/vehicle-type-approval/

When undertaking any repairs and maintenance work we therefore ensure that nothing we do compromises your existing Certifications.

For more information on fleet maintenance

For more information about fleet maintenance services please call us on 0116 326 0989 or write to us at sales@multivehicletechnology.co.uk or alternatively visit our web site at https://www.multivehicletechnology.co.uk/services/

stripped down rusting shell of a land rover before being rebuilt
A Land Rover undergoing extreme refurbishment!!

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