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Leicester Carriage Builders

In January 2016 the Central England Co-operative Society closed its specialist vehicle construction business Leicester Carriage Builders as part of a wide ranging review of its business portfolio.

In the Annual Report of that year the Society expressed their appreciation of those employed and their dedication and service.

Subsequently the Society provided some support and assistance to enable Steve Stones (a former senior manager) to establish Multi Vehicle Technology Ltd as a totally independent and unrelated successor to Leicester Carriage Builders.

With that initial support MVTech has grown from strength to strength and is able to offer not only the original product range but also added further expertise and experience to broaden even further what this new company can offer.  We hope you can  spare a few minutes to look at our website.

We have undertaken projects for many new clients but would welcome hearing from former clients for whom we can offer new builds, conversions, repairs and spare parts for their older LCB vehicles.

Steve Stones
Managing Director
Multi Vehicle Technology Ltd


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