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conversation in a marketing suite
A traditional marketing suite
A traditional MVTech marketing Suite for an Estate Agency

By tradition, Marketing Suites are portacabins on a new property development used by sales teams to meet and chat with potential customers. We have taken the concept of the marketing suite, shaken it up, and made it more versatile and applicable to a host of other businesses and situations.

At MVTech we have replaced the static cabin approach with a relocatable, eye-catching, versatile alternative approach based on our experience of creating our popular demountable exhibition trailers. Hence our all-new Cranston, Royston, and Triston Marketing Suites are demountable ground-based portable units designed to be transported on either a trailer or flatbed lorry enabling them to be quickly set up and taken away from site. They are made for a 6 month stay or a single day!

As with any promotional activity first impressions really do matter and the importance for a marketing suite to do just is why we have designed them to impress. Our new range stands out from the crowd being unique in appearance and welcoming whilst also featuring all the right services such as heating, LED lighting, refreshment facilities, internet connectivity, and inter active displays.

That is where we can help. We have a wealth of experience in creating a wide range of functional fully mobile exhibitions and roadshows.

Relocatable marketing suites can be just as eye-catching and impressive as traditional, permanent office space and MVTech can create the unique bespoke designs for any business and marketplace.


The Royston marketing suite
The ROYSTON Marketing Suite

MVTech Marketing Suites

Creating bespoke easily relocatable spaces is what we do day in and day out. Based on vehicles, trailers and demountables we listen carefully to your project requirements before providing creative exterior and interior proposals to project your branding and corporate identity whilst including all the features you will need. Branding, technology and functionality, our focus is always to ensure our suites deliver the best possible user experience.

If the design of our new range does not specifically match your needs do not worry. We will not take offence. What we will do is listen to your needs and design a marketing suite specifically for you… whether you are a retailer or an estate agent we can build what you want.

Our sole aim is to provide your sales team with all the necessary tools to enable them to offer your customers an unforgettable experience.


A Marketing Suite – aplace to help and advise your customers.

Creative design to promote brand values.

Appearance is one of the most important aspects of a marketing suite. With so many traditional and contemporary internal and external finishes to choose from, the possibilities we can provide are endless. We aim to create a space that looks spectacular, combining stunning yet professional aesthetic features with the main principles of your brand and your company ethos. We appreciate that the better your marketing suite looks, the better the first impression you will create – and the more interest you will generate amongst your target audience and potential customers.

Bespoke to your requirements to demonstrate, sell or sample your products.

Whether you need a small and functional structure or a large and attention-grabbing space, a temporary marketing suite can be designed and constructed to meet your exact requirements. Our standard range comes in different shapes and sizes, with different layouts to choose from. Fixtures and fittings are included to meet your team’s needs, with data, AV, telephone lines and electrical points situated exactly where you need them and lighting systems, air conditioning units and workstations to suit your exact requirements. A bespoke marketing suite will be completely tailored to you and your company, thus ensuring that it is as effective and ergonomic as possible for your sales and marketing team.

Roadshow capability

Our marketing suites are often designed with a specific site in mind; however, due to the way in which they are constructed, it is possible for them to be relocated at a later date giving huge economic and environmental advantages over something that is built only to be discarded or knocked down when its job is done.. You will not have to worry about the expense of buying an innovative marketing suite each time, as you can just take your existing suite with you. In this way, our fully portable marketing suites are completely future proof. They offer excellent value for money and maximum return on investment.

Marketing suites are a great investment

Our marketing suites are a valuable long-term investment. Made to order, they will meet the requirements of your current project and many future ones. They can also be modified, relocated, and used repeatedly. There is a multitude of options for internal and external finishes to choose from. Deployment on site is about as quick, low cost and hassle-free as it could be.

The Cranston
The fully glazed Cranston Marketing Suite

Some key features of our marketing suites

MV Tech marketing suites are a different and highly cost-effective alternative to the traditional approach and suitable for a wide range of industries and purposes. Our easily transported and rapidly deployed “demountable pod format” provide a versatile option to the traditional portable building concept.

#   They are very easily transported on trailers or flatbed trucks.

#   Quick and Easy to move from site to site as needed.

#   Very simple and quick to set up once on site.

#   Custom made design and appearance and specifications are available.

#   Incorporate the latest in IT and AV technology with interactive displays.

#   Easily refurbished with alterations to exterior and interior simple.

#   Choice of  glazing.

#   Optional internal partitioning for confidential discussions.

#   Climate control systems to provide a comfortable environment.

#   Stunning traditional or contemporary internal/external finishes.

#   A variety of windows and doors, including full-height glazing, and feature roofing


The Royston with platform
The Royston Marketing Suite with optional entrance platform

Our marketing suites have alternative uses.

 Making an investment in one of our marketing suites gives you flexibility.  If you are likely to have several potential uses, we can incorporate alternative needs and options into our initial design. For example, many of our demountable marketing suites are used for multiple projects that include just some of the following examples:

Temporary offices

Exhibition stands.

Roadshow promotional activities

Product demonstrations                     

Product sampling  

Education and training

Retail kiosks and shops

Merchandise sales at events!

Gatehouses and ticket offices


The triston exterior with pod out
The Triston Marketing Suite features a slide out extension pod

Multi Vehicle Technology

We take pride in providing honest, practical and solution-focused advice to all of those who seek our assistance. We are large enough to oversee fleet requirements but small enough to take the same care and interest in one-off projects for smaller clients. As a result, we have worked with a wide range of businesses operating in remarkably diverse markets, assisting all to achieve their goals, increase their sales and profitability.

We have particular expertise in the field of electronics covering security right through to innovative presentational technologies, simulators, and communications.

Our central location in Leicester makes it easy for clients to visit whilst their projects are underway. We have an open-door policy with clients welcome to visit at any time as many find this especially useful by providing the opportunity to tweak instructions as work progresses.

Want to know more?  The please call us on 0116 326 0989 or write to us at

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We have ISO 9001 Accreditation, the globally recognized standard for quality management. This means that as an organization we have put in place effective processes and trained staff to deliver flawless products or services time after time. In short, you can rely on our quality of product and service.


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The government requires all suppliers bidding for contracts involving the handling of certain sensitive and personal information to hold an up-to-date Cyber Essentials Certificate. By satisfying the requirements of Cyber Essentials we not only provide security for ourselves but help to guard your organisation against cyber-attack. We always protect your commercially sensitive information.

The Triston
The Triston Marketing Suite makes an attractive mobile office
Interior of an exhibition suite
Interiors are bespoke to each client

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