Mobile Libraries (reviving the Leicester Carriage brand)

nearside of a library vehicle

Hard to believe but it is now almost 5 years since Multi Vehicle Technology Ltd took over from the long established and respected mobile library manufacture company, Leicester Carriage Builders.  We did so with the support and encouragement of the previous owners, Central England Co-operative Society and their initial assistance to their former employees has always been appreciated.

During the past 5 years we have worked hard to establish the new business and, having achieved success in a number of markets and created a sound financial base, including a move to larger premises which became a necessity much sooner than we had expected, we are now expanding our product line to include mobile library manufacture.

We remain true to our roots in Leicester, with our new premises in Thurmaston, which made it so much simpler for staff and skills to transfer from one company to the other. And we’re pleased to say that those experienced colleagues remain with us today.

The one area of expertise that all of us have is in the design and mobile library manufacture.  Here we had a dilemma and, to be perfectly honest, remain uncertain to this day as to whether we took the right decision.  But at the time of creating our own business we had a strong feeling that we needed to establish ourselves before tendering to Local Authorities for their mobile library business. For them it could have been a risk, and we would not have wanted to place valued clients (indeed friends) in such an uncomfortable situation.

Now, with success achieved, our team that built so many mobile libraries in the past are now keen to put their skills and experience into building new ones and to do so once again. And what’s really different now is that we have an established UK field based service team offering round the clock support, servicing and repair.


Exciting new design services

And we’re not proposing to simply pull out our old plans and rely on repeating the past.  Oh no!  Our ongoing experience in high tech content such as in our cash in transit vehicles and sophisticated roadshow vehicles has enabled us to keep right up to date with new lightweight materials and components so we’re brimming with new ways to build, new designs and new content.

We’re also aware of the need for Councils to maximise the use and return they obtain from their investment in mobile libraries so we’re full of new design ideas to make our new libraries multi-functional, should our clients be interested. Alternatively our new lightweight approach mobile library manufacture will help maximise the number of books and equipment that can be carried on each size of vehicle.


Full European Type Approval

Naturally our mobile libraries come with Full European Type Approval Certification, Electrical Certification and of course comprehensive user manuals.


Wide range of models and sizes

We retain the ability to build a full range of vehicle types from smaller panel van conversions through 3500 kg chassis cabs and up to the larger 5000 kgs, 6000 kgs, and 7500 kgs walk through models and the larger over 7500 kgs models with cut out back and walk through.  For those who prefer the coach style approach we retain the ability to remove the cab and provide a unique body built vehicle.

If you’re looking for something that may be different to “standard” then we are happy to bespoke build although functional body lengths continue to generally fall between 4 to 7 metres.

Our design studio generates 3D animated drawings enabling clients to visualise ideas that much better before final design decisions have to be made.

We build on a range of base chassis which include DAF, Iveco and MAN or your model of choice.


Spare parts available for all Leicester Carriage mobile libraries that continue to be in service

We have undertaken projects for many new clients but would welcome hearing from former clients for whom we also offer new builds, conversions, repairs and spare parts for our older Leicester Carriage vehicles.

We hope all of our former clients will be excited and interested in our decision to breathe new life and excitement into a much loved and respected brand of mobile library manufacture.


Steve Stones

mobile   07739 302209

office   0116 326 0989