Mobile Retail Units

Mobile retail units can be used in station car parks such as this in Peterborough

“Mobile retail units provide retailers with countless possibilities and opportunities in comparison to the many restrictions which fixed premises impose on a business”   Scott Walker

photo of scott walker showing head and shouldersEach of our bespoke designed and built retail units provides the ability to have a presence in any city, town or village of your choosing and at the time of your choice. They even remove the costs and restrictions of traditional short term “pop up” arrangements in empty premises.  Those premises more often than not being empty for one reason…….low footfall!!


By going mobile the heavy burden and long term commitment of rents, rates, planning and service costs are eliminated.

Our retail mobile units can be located right where you can predict your customers are likely to be.  There being no longer any need for you to rely on them to come to you, as you can go to them! Whilst appropriate permissions will be required a mobile retail unit they can nevertheless be positioned in a so many lucrative locations ranging from fairs and events to precinct shopping centres, car parks, beach fronts, railway stations and if, for example you’re selling outdoor clothing you can site your business on a mountain pass if you so wish!

mobile retail units can be used at fairs and county showsIdeal for promotional activities too!

Whilst mobile retail units can be advantageous to a full time retail business owner wishing to overcome the stagnation of the high street they have been proven to have huge appeal to those in marketing departments.  And especially so for those Marketing Managers and Product Managers that face the challenge of a new product launch or a brand that needs reviving to improve awareness and recognition.

Catering takes place in mobile retail units such as thisTo summarise the opportunities offered they are:

  • Can be very quick set up.
  • Able to go where the customers are gathered.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Enables customers to sample your products.
  • Provides a great opportunity for capturing data.
  • Improves brand visibility and awareness.
  • Great for product demonstrations.
  • Superb for quick fire guerrilla marketing activities.

So what are the options for mobile retail units?

An MVTech mobile retail unit can take various shapes and sizes.  Whilst some are cabin based and others trailer based the most popular format currently are the 3500 kgs van and chassis cab based models. Our range of superb light weight low floor vehicles are the answer to what could otherwise be an operational headache as they can be driven on a standard driving licence.

demonstration vehicleFeatures and benefits of a 3500 kgs van or chassis cab mobile retail unit

Being under 3500 kgs they can be driven on a standard driving licence

                No special driving test required

                No tachograph required

                No restrictions on driving hours

                No Operators Licence required

               No CPC training required

Features and benefits of a trailer based retail unit

If your product requires space in the form of storage for stock, or equipment, you may need to consider a trailer based option which can provide you with a floor space of up to 7 metres by 2.55 metres, although trailers smaller than this is are more common for promotional activities.

Initial purchase cost is lower than alternatives but really only if you already have a towing vehicle. But be aware that the driver will need to hold an appropriate towing driving licence and that for all but the smallest trailers the tow vehicle will require a tachograph to be installed.

Hence you can see why our van options have become so popular.

Demountable retail kiosks

Especially beneficial for those who wish to remain in one location for a period of time our demountable kiosks look very much like permanent buildings but can in fact be set up and taken down in under an hour.  So this approach remains very much a mobile option if required.

The key benefit here is low ground floor access making them ideal walk in mobile retail units.

Living accommodation in a mobile

Whilst the inclusion of living accommodation restricts the retail space available in any mobile retail unit it may provide a saving on hotel and associated costs.  Being experienced in the design and construction of camper vans we can provide you with very compact but comfortable living facilities should these be required.  In short we can customise your build to exactly what suits you.

mobile demonstration interior viewBespoke design for mobile retail units

Our MVTech design team will design your retail unit with you, presenting you with visuals and full technical specifications so that you and your colleagues can get a feel for the final product.


Technology is our forte

As a company Multi Vehicle Technology, as our name implies, is very active in the design and manufacture of “high tech” specialist vehicles such as incident response, surveillance vehicles and command and control vehicles which enables us to offer expertise in on-board power systems, communication systems and presentation technology …..not to forget about stunning use of LED lighting displays.

Many of these areas of expertise are transferable to mobile retail units to attract attention and enhance customer experience.

And as you will notice have ISO 9001 certification plus Cyber Essentials Certification which means that you can be assured of both quality of product and service combined with security for those confidential projects.

iso 9001;2015 certification logoceber essential certification logo

Full graphics design and application service

At MVTech we provide a “one stop shop” service in that we also have our own in house graphics design team able to create the promotional image you require, from the very basic to full vinyl wrap.

For more information on our services or how we can help with your project

For more information about our mobile retail vans, trailers and demountable kiosks please call us on 0116 326 0989 or write to us at

Our factory is located in Thurmaston, Leicester, and you’re more than welcome to visit us to see what projects we’re working on and to discuss your project requirement face to face.  Alternatively we can have a zoom meeting if this is preferable.

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