Only a few vehicles are beyond our mobile servicing capability!

mobile servicing cannot be used for all vehicles such as this rusting hulk of a land rover pick up

photo of scott walker showing head and shouldersMobile servicing reduces the cost of unplanned disruptions


“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”      Warren Buffett


Mobile servicing is one of the cornerstone services that we provide to clients which offers the much needed flexibility they require in todays’ often manic world. Our field based operation is structured to minimise the time our customers’ vehicles are off the road and is part of our service provision

This service enables our customers’ the flexibility to schedule vehicle maintenance around each vehicles operational needs, but even more important, provides emergency support when those unplanned (and unwanted!) breakdowns of vehicle and equipment occur.

The MVTech field based team of technicians is equipped to work, not just on a wide range of vehicles, but they’re also experienced to help with a broad range of specialist vehicles (and trailers) such as security vans, exhibition vehicles, mobile veterinary surgeries, mobile libraries, catering vehicles and camper vans plus many more.

If you need camera and monitoring systems we can install these on-site for you.

There are of course some field based situations that we cannot deal with but when and where these occur we’ll let you know immediately and, if requested, provide a linked to those who can help.

Owner driver of fleet operator

We make no difference, and provide the same level of mobile servicing, to all customers be they an owner driver, small fleet, large fleet, emergency service, charity or public sector organisation.

Keeping your vehicle(s) operational on the road is our priority to ensure reduced disruption and to avoid the need for rescheduling or replacement vehicles.

National coverage

Our aim is to provide national coverage which includes Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in addition to England.  In fact we also operate in Southern Ireland.


Our mobile service team have a wealth of experience in the commercial vehicle servicing industry which enables us to spot and fix problems smoothly and effectively.

For more information

If you’re looking for a fast and efficient service with minimal disruption to your working day, then give us a call, and we will be happy to assist.  Our main line is 0116 326 0989 and ask for Steve Stones.  Alternatively you can e-mail him direct on

Other services

Our mobile servicing and roadside assistance is only part of our business.  We design, build and convert vehicles (and trailers) for a wide range of business, public service and not for profit organisations.  If you need something a little out of the ordinary and you want it built to your specification we can help from small light goods vehicles to full articulated trailers.

All of our vehicle and trailers builds come with IVA Certification where it is applicable

We’re also happy to undertake refurbishment work on existing vehicles to provide them with a new use or a new lease of life.

“No job too small and no job too large”

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