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A preference for pet owners to use the services of a Home Visit Vet is on the increase which is, in turn, creating an increase in the number of Veterinary Practices now focusing on satisfying this demand.

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“We have expanded our range of veterinary vehicles to provide those offering home visit services the best available vehicles from which to operate their business”  Emily Gibson


Since we introduced our ANIMEDIX range of mobile veterinary surgeries we have seen an increase in interest in using smaller, well equipped, vehicles to offer fast, responsive, versatile services to pet owners. Whereas our surgeries are based on long wheel base high roof vans there is now the option for less expensive approaches using smaller vans such as the Fiat Doblo, Citroen Berlingo, Renault Kangoo and many others.

These compact vehicles can still be extensively equipped to enable the Home Visit Vet to provide a wide range of services, on site, in the pets own home.

Why are home visits becoming so popular with pet owners?

Well let’s get this first point out of the way first, as it is perhaps the most contentious! Yes, by this I mean the infamous “Amazon effect” in that consumers are increasingly expecting goods and suppliers to come to them (and speedily). If we’re not already there this phenomena is becoming very much a lifestyle choice. So expecting a vet to visit in response to a call, WhatsApp or e-mail is my view, something that is destined to increase.

Phew, with that contentious point out of the way let’s look at other benefits for the pets and the pet owners:

Some pets just don’t like travelling in cars or on buses.  They can become quite stressed out. Not to mention the waiting room scenario where again other pets, however well behaved, can still cause excessive stress.

Others may have travel issues due to injury or health issues and here again a home visit vet makes their life so much more compassionate.

Whilst some pets don’t like to travel there are of course many pet owners who themselves find travel a burden and more so if they have to take a sick or injured pet along too.  The elderly or those suffering from incapacities may well not have their own transportation.  Some bus services will not allow animals on board, whilst other owners may live in rural communities where there are no public services.  You may suggest they book a taxi; but not all taxi operators will accept pets, even though they will of course accept guide dogs.

The vehicle options

As mentioned earlier there is a huge range of vehicle brands and models to choose from and we are happy to work with all of them. Prices vary and this can well be the deciding factor for some of our clients whereas others prefer to opt for electric models, which although more expensive to purchase do offer lower operational costs.  Choice of vehicle may well depend upon the geography of the area to be covered! Some in rural areas may need 4 x 4.

At the time of writing this BLOG a very significant factor in choice of vehicle is quite simply, availability. Chance and luck are playing a huge role in finding the preferred choice at the moment, if indeed one has one. For those wishing to set up a home visit vet service quickly then it is a case, currently, of grab what is suitable whilst it’s there.  We have good contacts in the trade and can help and advise but just at this moment searching locally can often conjure up a vehicle when a national search doesn’t! We really don’t mind converting a vehicle that you have sourced.

When choice is possible then not only is there a choice of make and model but also features.  There are slightly differing lengths, differing roof heights and a choice of single side doors or twin side doors, standard hinged rear doors or hinged upwards rear door (a perfect shelter in bad weather so I rather like this feature!).

storage system in a veterinary ambulance
Storage in the rear of a bespoke built home visit vet vehicle

What to include in the fit out?

Whilst we offer a range of “standard” formats the truth of the matter is that we offer these more as a guide to stimulate ideas, than a format to be rigidly adhered to.  Every home visit vet has their own very individual needs due to the services they wish to offer, the pets they wish to treat and the geography of their proposed “patch”…….not to mention personal preferences on brand, style or colour.

In general we propose the following to be useful for inclusion:

Full vehicle lining and insulation : kennel : cat carriers : storage drawers : hand wash facilities : water containers : worktop area : internal lighting : roof mounted ventilation :


home visit vet vehicle interior
A practical office built into a home visit vet vehicle

Medium size vehicle option

Opt for a medium size of vehicle and we can install a workstation and seating to create a comfortable and practical mobile office.


As soon as we have developed a specification with you we can produce a 3D visual (even an animation) to work out and show how best to fit everything that is wanted into the available space.

Want to know more about how we can help get your new Practice up and running or add addition services to your existing practice?


We’re only a phone call 0116 326 0989 or e-mail sales@animdex.co.uk away and if you wish to visit out factory which is located in Thurmaston, Leicester you’re more than welcome.

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