Our passion for bus conversions

double-decker-conversion for Samsung

How we bring your project ideas to life    by Scott Walker

scott walkerWe like to think our enthusiasm for undertaking innovative bus conversions can become infectious. Here at MVTech we never accept that you settle for the mundane or the less than perfectly functional vehicle.

To quote Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”


It really doesn’t matter if we’re converting a bus for a commercial venture, educational training, a leisure activity, catering, promotional activity or for a not for profit social use (or a generous or restricted budget). We believe it’s vitally important to go the extra mile for each and every client ensuring the end result looks right for the job and everything about it functions to perfection.

Our teams many years of experience in traditional coach building techniques, combined with our in house skill sets, enables us to provide a complete bus conversion service from initial creative concepts through to high quality finish.  We work closely with you to discuss the layout, the facilities, the services and appliances to be installed and, by travelling along this path together, we get to understand what you want, what your own clients and visitors expect. In doing so we strive to exceed expectations rather than simply achieve that which is expected.


                          single deck bus conversion play-bus conversion single deck

The different types of bus that we work on

Our team of craftsmen are all experienced in building new vehicles, as you can see that range from a visit to our web site, www.multivehicletechnology.co.uk but they also thrive (and perhaps even enjoy more) the challenges and rewards associated with converting and totally transforming existing vehicles. Some of may have been sadly neglected.

  Single-decker conversions which are ideal for catering, training and exhibition.

  Double-decker conversions transform into great promotional vehicles, are ideal for play bus conversion and suitable for educational activities.

  Chassis cab based bus conversions generally fall within the medium sized range of vehicles and are ideal for use in locations where access is a little restricted.

  Coach conversions are generally undertaken to create luxury travel facilities for longer distance travel in comfort or converted for high quality VIP hospitality campaigns.

   Mini bus conversions make superb, easily driven, manoeuvrable base vehicles for various uses from mobile offices, training facilities and promotional activities.

                                                    bus interior conversion upper deck

Typical conversion projects

The buses which form part of our companies DNA come in a wide range of sizes and configurations, ages, condition and, I suppose, most important of all for many of you, a diverse range of prices!  Meaning that there is nearly always a bus available to suit every requirement and budget!

With such a wide range of vehicles to choose from our bus conversions are tremendously broad in their scope such as some of the following:

  • Exhibition and hospitality
  • Product sampling
  • Play bus
  • Mobile offices and meeting rooms
  • Training facilities and classrooms
  • Information
  • Catering
  • Mobile bar
  • Mobile shop
  • Living accommodation and film location fit outs
  • Provision of welfare services to those in need

For many of these uses our clients operate in highly competitive markets where having that extra edge can make all the difference between success and failure.  We see it as our role to make that difference and make it work for you.

                                      training bus interior catering bus  interior charity bus interior presentation bus conversion

Bus conversion services we provide

We’re somewhat unusual at MVTech in that we provide a complete in house service which we more commonly refer to as our “One Stop Shop” service. These services include, but are not restricted to:

                                               Body repairs

                                               Engine maintenance and replacement

                                               Exterior painting and graphics or complete graphics wrap

                                               Installation of passenger access lifts

                                               Window replacement

                                               Custom built furniture

                                               Installation of required appliances

                                               Installation of services such as power, plumbing, heating and air conditioning

                                               Lighting and wiring installations

                                               IT, communications and all sorts of “techie” equipment installations

                                              CCTV cameras and monitors


bus restorationBus restoration and refurbishment services of standard passenger carrying vehicles

If you own and operate passenger service vehicles on either a public or private basis you may wish to know that our tradition coach building skills enable us to undertake both major or minor structural repairs, in addition to which, we offer a high quality trimming and upholstery service for the repair and refurbishment of interiors.

Older models and even vintage vehicles are not a problem for us.  We can strip them down and bring them back to the level of condition and appearance you require.

PSVAR Passenger Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations

Working in partnership with Cogent Seating https://cogentseating.co.uk/  and Passenger Lift Services http://www.passengerliftservices.co.uk/  we offer a full coach conversion for existing front of line vehicles to comply with PSVAR regulations, implemented by the DfT which came in to force 1st January 2020.

This conversion work includes the fitting of service doors, destination equipment, passenger lifts and many other options so the vehicle complies with Bus Directive or Reg107 Directives.

For further information please visit our BLOG on this subject https://www.multivehicletechnology.co.uk/blog/psvar-conversions-for-coaches/


mobile office conversionA word (perhaps more a warning!) about driving licences

 Should you be new to buses, and thinking of either yourself or a colleague as the driver, do please double check that you have the correct Driving Licence for the vehicle and for the purpose you plan to use it for. If in any doubt may I suggest you visit the Government web site where licence requirements are detailed   https://www.gov.uk/vehicles-can-drive

As with all Legislative Regulations nothing is quite as simple as you may expect! There are always exemptions applying to rules and twists that you may not appreciate.

The same applies for tachograph regulations.  Some uses may require full adherence to the Tachograph Regulations whilst other uses do not.  Again I strongly recommend you study these with regard to the specific use for which you will be using your bus and as always we are here to advice or assist you.

Buses for sale

If you haven’t as yet purchased a bus for your project we may well be able to help.  We maintain a stock of specialist vehicles for sale and may well have a suitable bus available for you.  Alternatively, if you find what you want and would like us to view it first, before you commit to a purchase, we can do so, enabling us to explore together its suitability for your project.

            bus seating bus chassis cab bus play -bus

Contact us for advice, information or a quotation

We thrive on meeting the challenge of every bus conversion project we tackle be it for a complete reconstruction, a change of use or simply a partial repair and spruce up.

From your initial contact we are happy to prepare 3D drawings, detailed specifications and quantified quotations to enable you to make choices and take your decisions.  If you would like us to visit you in order to discuss any of these services then we are more than happy to do so.

Once on the production floor we like to keep you informed of progress and, if you want to visit during this period (dare I tempt fate?) even tweak some details a little, then we are more than happy to see you and you can meet the whole team.

And here’s the good news for many, we are located in Leicester, which is very much in the centre of the country and easily accessible directly by main roads and train services.

And finally, if you need collection and delivery of your bus to our factory then we can arrange that too.  Nothing is too much trouble for us.


For more information please contact my colleague Steve Stones on 0116 326 0989 or e-mail him on stevestones@multivehicletechnology.co.uk