Our portable building range

artists impression of a portable building with double extension

Our portable building range

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How our portable building range has developed from our exhibition trailer business  by Scott Walker 



Portable buildings may be available in a comprehensive range of sizes and design, but for us as a trailer manufacturer, most are not what we think of as “portable”.  The larger buildings are modular and need to be built on site by a construction team whilst even the smaller ones often require a hired in crane to lift them into position.

As a result of this lack of portability the demountable pod system which we initially developed for the exhibition market is attracting the attention of many requiring a simple and rapid relocation of buildings.

Since our demountable pods can be delivered and set up in position by a single driver you can perhaps see why the increase in interest in this approach.

Features of our demountable system

As specialists in exhibition trailer and exhibition vehicle construction we developed our demountable pod trailers very much with the exhibition market in mind. Our pod system is trailer based and once the trailer chassis is withdrawn from under the main body it very simply and very quickly lowers down to ground.  You can see a short illustrative animation on YouTube at https://youtu.be/yBoeOL894e0

This system provides a relocatable ground level building which is ideal for its original purpose at exhibition, product promotion and retailing requirements but also for much wider use.

Current sizes range from a body length of 4 metres (with a width of 2.3 metres) up to 6 metres.

The body is manufactured from insulated panels with high gloss white GRP finish. We provide any design (and body shape) required which can include a full open frontage or glazed windows and doors.  We can provide exterior and interior décor to satisfy individual needs.

We normally supply the trailer chassis, along with the body of choice as a complete unit, but where multiple bodies are required we can supply these with just one trailer chassis which can then be used to move the pods in turn, as and when the need arises.

I should mention that our pods are available as shells for clients to install freestanding furniture, fixtures and fittings or we can fit any required bespoke interior.  We also provide electrical and lighting installations with other features including hot and cold running water, not to mention air conditioning.

Should toilet facilities are required we can build in standard flushing toilets (for connection to mains) or for truly portable use we can install cassette toilet systems such as those provide by Dometic https://www.dometic.com/en-gb/outdoor/uk/products/hygiene-and-sanitation/sanitation/motorhome-toilets/dometic-cts-4110-_-25280

6 metre demountable pod with open frontage and swing out display panels for exhibition purposes

Portable building options

With an increasing number of information requests we have realised that whilst there are some excellent portable buildings available, they are large, often modular and not actually easily or quickly relocatable.

And this is just where our system of a demountable pod comes into its own.  It provides the answer for clients who want a truly portable building, one which they can frequently move to different sites or various locations on the same site.

What we haven’t offered to date is the type of body and space that many want.  So we have responded by offering various options.

Single room

visual of a small portable building with two windows and an entrance door

We continue to offer a single room option as part of our portable building range which we can supply fully fitted out with interiors being as diverse as comfortable office spaces to a staff canteen.  A popular option is for temporary and relocatable kitchens which we can fully fit out to any bespoke equipment specification.

a portable building fitted out as a relocatable kitchen

Single extension

Where further space is required or an on-site width of 2.3 metres is too small we can supply the portable building with either a hinge out gullwing extension or alternatively a slide out extension.  For more information on these options visit our blog https://www.multivehicletechnology.co.uk/blog/increase-the-size-of-your-exhibition-trailer/

artistic impression of a single building with a single glazed extension to increase floor space

Double extension

For those for whom a single extension is still too small we can of course build in an extension to either side to almost triple the floor space of any given portable building.

plan view of a portable building with two extensions and fitted out with office furniture

Roof viewing platform

Whilst it is unlikely that most folk wanting a portable building from us will require a roof balcony, if you do, be assured that we can incorporate this feature which is frequently used for promotional units and more especially those being used at sporting events.

Linking our portable buildings

In this very brief outline of the portable buildings we design and build I have implied that only one building is required at a venue or by a client.  But this is not always the case.  There are those who need a combination of larger premises which can be very quickly and easily relocated.  In short…very portable!

Happily this is not an insurmountable problem and our solution for such situations is to design each individual building so that it can easily link to another.

By doing this we can link not just two units together but as many as is required.

Hire or purchase

Hire and purchase options are available from us.  We also provide delivery and movement services.



For more information, request a quotation or ask us to create a bespoke design for your project please call my colleague Steve Stones on 0116 326 0989 or write to him at stevestones@multivehicletechnology.co.uk

I know he will be more than happy to provide as much advice and assistance as you may require.