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Pet ambulance service goes electric by Scott Walker


Pet ambulance service goes electric in Warwick is really great news.  Pawsitive Vet Care is a veterinary service providing veterinary treatment for pets in their own homes and the company’s ethos is that “their well-being matters”.

 This service is much appreciated by pet parents, saving their pets the stress of transportation, except of course where essential.  To fully appreciate the wide range of caring services available a visit to the web site is recommended

Pawsitive Vet Care are pawsitive (their pun not ours!) for the planet and aim to run the pet ambulance service as sustainably as possible.  Hence their first instruction to Multi vehicle Technology was the need for a fully electric vehicle as the service expands.

Nissan eNV200 Acenta

After checking out the pro’s and con’s of the electric vans currently available our vehicle of choice for this particular role was the 100% electric Nissan eNV200 Acenta as it proved the most cost effective and capable electric van for this role. With its new 40kWh battery capacity it was ideal to build on the sustainable reputation of our client.

The eNV200 comes in Alabaster White which we considered ideal for a pet ambulance and ideal for graphics to become highly visible to help promote the veterinary service.

pet ambulance env200 pet ambulance offside

Pet ambulance service requirements

As with any ambulance or health care vehicle that we produce this particular pet ambulance needed to be kitted out with a wealth of equipment and features unique to the area, and services to be provided.

After installing a rotary roof vent,  lining and insulating the walls and ceiling and laying a sealed vinyl flooring, a range of equipment was bespoke built and installed including:

  • A full length dog kennel with central divider to carry two dogs if required but designed to house one dog. The width of the kennel was specific to allow an existing stretcher to fit should a pet need to be transported lying down.
  • Shelving to carry specified medical equipment
  • Drawer units for small equipment and consumables
  • Space for securing up to 3 small pet carrier baskets
  • Hand wash facilities including 10 litre fresh water container
  • LED lighting
  • Exterior graphics

pet ambulance interior

Transporting pets

Whilst the primary aim of Pawsitive Vet Care is to treat pets in their own homes transportation is inevitably required for some patients in need of more specialised treatment.  To ensure maximum comfort during any journey we linked the cabin air conditioning system through to the rear load area to provide either cooling or heating as appropriate.

cctv screen in pet ambulanceCCTV

Our client ideally wanted any patient being transported to be accompanied in the rear by a nurse so the original specification did require a single seat to be positioned in the rear loading area to facilitate this. Rather similar to the working principal of a traditional ambulance.  Something we have done quite successfully in pet ambulances we have built in the past.

Unfortunately this arrangement proved to be impractical at the time, primarily because of the construction of an electric vehicle (as opposed to a traditional diesel model) and the lack of any Approved seating for this application.

We’re sure this situation will change but at the time of production just not safely or legally possible for us to achieve.

camera in pet ambulanceRather than revert to a none electric vehicle the compromise was therefore to install an effective CCTV system to enable a nurse in the cabin passenger seat to monitor the patient or patients during transit.






Vehicle technical data

For those who relish studying technical details of vehicles (we guess the term “petrol heads” no longer applies to electric vehicles!!) rather than repeat them here can I suggest a visit to the Nissan web site

Pet ambulances from Animedix 

Whilst we offer a standard Pet Ambulance design on our web site our strength and speciality within the Animedix Division of Multi Vehicle Technology Ltd is to design and construct bespoke veterinary vehicles be they simply for pet transportation or a fully equipped mobile surgery.  We are more than happy to create designs in 3D along with visuals for any veterinary practice requiring something unique for their practice.


If you would like more information about the ANIMEDIX range of veterinary ambulances and mobile surgeries please visit our web site or call Steve Stones on 0116 326 1802 or write to him on

Our factory is located centrally in Leicester and visitors are always welcome to meet our friendly and experienced team to discuss their requirements over a tea or coffee.