Pet Transport taxicab

EasyPet pet transport vehicle

Pet Transport taxicab

We created our range of pet transport vehicles to provide for the safe and comfortable transportation of pets. Here we will explore the multiple uses and the benefits of our bespoke design approach to each pet taxis we produce with a view to reducing stress of any journey. We do so with a view to enabling taxi and pet transport operators to provide their own unique transport services for pet owners.

a pet taxi in a woodland setting
A pet taxi

Versatility of Pet Transport Taxicab

Pet Clinic Visits:

Pet taxis serve as a convenient means of pet transportation for trips to veterinary clinics. From routine check-ups and vaccinations to medical emergencies, pet taxis provide a stress-free environment to transport pets to necessary appointments. The cabin-like interior design contributes to reducing a pet’s anxiety and discomfort during such trips.

Grooming Appointments:

Pet grooming is an essential aspect of maintaining a pet’s hygiene and appearance. Often, transportation can pose a challenge, particularly for large or anxious pets. Pet taxis offer a comfortable and secure space specially designed for grooming appointments, allowing pets to relax enroute to the groomer, fostering a pleasant pet transport experience for both the pet and the groomer.

Airport Transfers:

Pet owners frequently face the challenge of transporting their pets to airports for domestic or international travel. Pet taxis alleviate the stress associated with navigating through busy airports and crowded terminals. With their spacious interiors and adequate ventilation, pet taxis ensure pets remain calm and comfortable throughout the journey, ensuring a smooth transition during travel.

Pet transport for small animals
A pet taxi service specialising in small animal transportation

Design Elements for good pet transport taxicab

Safety Features:

Our pet taxis prioritize the safety of the animals whilst being transported. These vehicles are equipped with secure seating arrangements, such as customized crates or harnesses, ensuring pets remain restrained and unharmed during transit. Additionally, pet taxis incorporate safety measures, such as non-slip flooring, to prevent accidents caused by sudden movements.

Comfortable Interiors:

The design of an Animedix pet taxis aims to provide a comfortable and cozy environment for pets. Soft cushioning where appropriate with temperature control systems contributing to a soothing atmosphere inside the vehicle. Furthermore, these taxis incorporate insulation for soundproofing elements to minimize external noise and prevent sensory overload which reduces a pet’s anxiety levels.

Hygienic and Easy-to-Clean pet transport taxicab features:

Keeping pet taxis clean and sanitary is of utmost importance to us. All our designs include easy-to-clean stain-resistant materials and sealed flooring. These features ensure the vehicle remains free from unpleasant odours and provides a hygienic environment for pets during transportation.

additional seating in a van based pet transporter
Additional seating added for owners to travel with their pets

Animedix pet transport taxicab and range of pet welfare vehicles

Animedix has helped revolutionize the way pet owners transport their beloved companions, addressing the various challenges associated with pet transportation. Our diverse range of designs (making each one bespoke) and range of optional features turn vehicles into offering pet taxi services indispensable in our modern world. The provision of a secure, comfortable, and stress-free environment ensures pets arrive safely at their destination, fostering a positive experience for both pets and their owners.

We are all pet owners at Animedix which enables us to appreciate that pet ownership brings immense joy whilst also requiring immense responsibility for ensuring their care and well-being……. which goes far beyond providing food, shelter, and love.

If you are about to start up your own pet transport and taxi service and would like more information, call us on 0116 326 1802 or write to us at

Pet transport for up to 4 dogs
A 4 dog pet transport vehicle
Border collie sitting in the rear of a pet taxi
Arriving happily!

Animedix is a Division of Multi Vehicle Technology Ltd, a well well-established vehicle conversion company, with a substantial heritage whose personnel have a wealth of experience in the design and construction of a wide range of bespoke built vehicles which include: exhibition vehicles, mobile shops, catering vans, mobile libraries, cash in transit security vehicles, mobile veterinary surgeries, pet transport, health service vehicles, emergency response vehicles and incident command vehicles………plus many more.

The company is large enough to manage fleet clients whilst being small enough to provide the same attention to the very substantial number of one-off projects we undertake each year for small businesses and start-ups.

A full repair and refurbishment service is also available should you already have an existing vehicle.



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