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photo of staff member sitting at lap top working on a project management system

photo of scott walker showing head and shoulders“A significant proportion of our clients are not only coming to us for the first time, but they’re also involved in the project management of a vehicle build or van conversion for the first time too.”      Scott Walker



It’s only natural to be nervous when taking on a new venture with someone you haven’t worked with before which is why we aim to make the entire process transparent and straightforward.

To achive this we operate  a 7-step project management process.


Step 1      Initial Consultation:

You can call us on 0116 326 0989, email us on, or contact us via our web site at  or through our social media where we’re active on Linked-in, Facebook, Instagram and X. We will answer all your questions about MVTech along with others you may have about your project. But be warned!  We’ll be asking you a lot of questions too, as we need to fully understand what you want to achieve to enable us to respond in the best possible way.

During this conversation we’ll need to know if you already have a vehicle which you want us to convert or whether you need to make a purchase.  If required we can provide our recommendations to assist you make a purchase direct from a dealership or you can task us with including the vehicle supply as part of a full one-stop package.

Having established the most suitable vehicle we move onto seeking more information about your objectives, audience, and specific needs, from the “essentials” through to a “wouldn’t it be nice” list.

visual showing an exhibition and roadshow vehicle
Visual for an exhibition vehicle

Step 2      Project management financials

Based on our experience we’re generally able to provide an approximate budget figure during any initial conversation, but at that early stage it will be just just that… estimate.

We fully appreciate the importance of adhering to budgets which is why we then take great care to provide a fully itemised quotation before you make any commitment. We never undertake any work on your behalf without first providing a cost and receiving your approval.

At the same time, should you require it, we will support any quotation with a set of drawings in the form of artistic visuals and floor plans.  You will find these useful in clarifying general appearance, layout to help avoid any accidental misunderstandings between us.

Because our vehicle builds and conversions are so bespoke, we know you may wish to alter specifications during the build process and we’re always happy to accommodate these changes.  That said we make a point of keeping you aware of any cost implications, so you remain in full control of your budget and avoid any last minute “surprises”.

Step 3      Reserving a production slot:

Once you’re comfortable with our quotation and ask us to proceed we will book your project into our production schedule and provide target dates for start and finish.

Start dates vary depending upon the nature of each project.  Refurbishments of existing vehicles can commence quite quickly (depending on our production capacity) whereas work on new vehicles will dependent upon vehicle manufacturers.  Availability can range from ex stock to 18 months or even two years and more!

Again, we make a point of keeping you fully informed and aware of timescales to enable alternatives to be considered.

completed search and rescue vehicle
A completed search and rescue vehicle

Step 4      Project engineering design:

With your order confirmed, and production scheduled, it’s time for the unseen project management work to commence!

Our design team take the initial visuals you will have seen and approved and transform them into detailed technical / engineering drawings for their production colleagues to work from.

Step 5      Materials sourcing:

In the weeks leading up to your production start date, our design and production teams work together to source all the components for your build. A few years ago, this was the easy part of the process but in today’s business climate not everything one wants is readily available, as many supply chains are no longer resilient or reliable.

If we do hit any issues, we don’t bury them and leave you in the dark. We’ll let you know if there is a shortage of anything, offer alternative solutions and make you aware of any cost implications to allow for decisions to be taken.

Van conversion taking place as part of our Project management system
A van conversion in production

Step 6      Production begins:

With all materials available the exciting bit begins, and your project goes into production. Unlike steps 3, 4 and 5 we are now at the point where there is something visual to see and even step into.

At MVTech we are more than happy for you to visit as often as you wish. You can meet the team working on your project and we encourage you to feel part of this process.  If during any visit you see an opportunity to tweak a detail or two, then we will do our utmost to accommodate any last-minute changes or additions you may think of.



A completed mobile veterinary surgery which has completed the project management system
An ANIMEDIX mobile veterinary surgery

Step 7      Hand over and the completion of the Project Managment process:

Occasionally we deliver vehicles, but we prefer to hand over a completed job at our factory in Thurmaston.  This gives our team the opportunity to explain operating details a driver needs to know about and, just as important, we want to know that you are happy with the completed project!




an ambulance conversion
Rapid response ambulance conversion

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With a history stretching back over 40 years we are proud to have built up an impressive catalogue of vehicle builds and conversions. We combine innovative design with a reputation for producing high quality, well-engineered, cost-effective specialist vehicle conversions.

These conversions cover a wide range of uses for commercial, not for profit and public sector clients ranging from exhibition vehicles to command-and-control incident response vehicles plus our acclaimed range of Animedix mobile veterinary surgeries.



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