Recruitment roadshows lead to successful staffing

two recruitment staf interviewing a man for a job whilst sitting around a table

photo of scott walker showing head and shouldersRecruitment roadshows have long been a part of our activities by Scott Walker


    “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.”   Red Adair, American oil well firefighter



What’s new in 2021 is that COVID-19 has forced an abrupt shift both in the ways many now work, and in the employment market generally, with recruiters having to adopt innovative and flexible approaches to rebuild their teams in order to keep the lights burning and the business moving forward.

Will there be a need to maintain this proactive culture when the crisis finally passes into history?

I happen to think so, simply because some things have changed forever.

That said, I hasten to add there may always be a need for the “tradition” ways of recruiting.  By these I mean the use of meeting rooms and conference halls in hotels and attending the likes of careers exhibitions with the eponymous “pop up” stand (that really does little for the company image).

So ok, whilst I accept these old ways have their uses and adherents our clients, many of whom have to recruit for multiple positions at multiple sites, by far the best solution to finding the ideal new staff has to be via recruitment roadshows.

Such roadshow activity suits a wide range of recruitment requirements from enticing HGV drivers from rivals, recruitment into the armed forces, and wooing warehouse to call centre staff. Roadshows are also favoured (and in long established use) by the likes of agricultural colleges and other educational establishments seeking to “put bums on seats”.

These are specifically fitted out to suit individual recruitment needs and extremely versatile.

Going mobile enables anyone recruiting for so many types vacancies and professions, to go where their targeted recruits are going to be.  Parking outside of one’s own premises, a shopping precinct, at public events, visiting universities and colleges are all possible via a recruitment roadshow.

We’ve even known more than one of our clients seeking specialist staff to park their roadshow not far from a rivals premises (well actually around the corner!).  A bit on the cheeky side I agree, but apparently a very successful recruitment approach.

Helping our clients to go mobile is our speciality and guiding them through the myriad of choices to make the right decisions is what we do.

In the past a well-designed lightweight 4 or 5 metre trailer was the popular and cost effective choice.  But we have converted buses, coaches and even vans for this type of activity. However, since the change in driving licencing categories in January 1997, combined with the introduction of tachographs for vehicles towing trailers for commercial purposes, the attraction for the trailer approach has waned if not faded away.

Now the primary use of trailers, for recruitment roadshows, are those clients focusing on attendance at events and shows as their “hunting ground”.

Nowadays a really effective recruitment roadshow is best achieved via the use of a 3500 kgs chassis cab conversion.  We construct these mainly on the Fiat Ducati platform chassis  with our boxed bodies ranging in lengths of between 4 to 5 metres to suit the particular need.  A 5 metre body length provides ample internal space for most recruitment needs.

This vehicle can be driven on a standard driving licence, requires no tachograph, and the driver is not restricted to drivers working hours. So very cost effective to operate by almost any member of the recruitment team.

Available features for recruitment roadshows

We can build in a wide range of external features to any vehicle including:

  • Swing out display panels offering great information space
  • Roof mounted banner boards
  • Exterior display screens featuring looped displays
  • Wheelchair access
  • Full vinyl graphics wraps or simple livery

Interiors too can be built to suit individual clients recruiting needs:

  • Choice of seating from casual bench seating to boardroom style tables and chairs
  • Reception desk
  • Application desks
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Desk top or lap top computers with internet connection
  • Tv screens and presentation technology
  • Customised information IT pods

For more information on how we at Multi Vehicle Technology Ltd can assist you with your recruitment roadshow plans please call my colleague Steve Stones on 0116 326 0989 or e-mail him on

Alternatively you can read more about our ability to provide bespoke solutions on our website


In addition to design and build for outright purchase we also maintain a small fleet of 3500 kgs chassis cabs which are available for hire, and therefore ideal of short period recruitment drives.


“Time spent on hiring is time well spent.”    Robert Half, Founder of global human resource consulting firm Robert Half International