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Group of rescuers carrying stretcher down mountain

photo of scott walker showing head and shouldersRescue vehicles come in a myriad of shapes and sizes regardless of who is funding or operating them.  These differences in the types of vehicle in operation are a reflection of the incredibly diverse range of circumstances and purposes for which they are required. by Scott Walker



“Anyone can have a friend, but the one that would walk in a storm to find you is all you will ever need.”   Shannon L. Alde

At MVTech we specialise in not specialising, as we bespoke design and build each and every vehicle to an individual specification. What all have in common is their quality in that we construct them to withstand the rigours of the toughest off road terrain, not to mention that each and every component is designed to operate in all weathers, both day and night.

We liaise with vehicle manufacturers to establish the best chassis for the task in hand and from there work with our clients on how best to provide the solution that “on the ground” personnel require. After all searching collapsed buildings, rescuing an injured person on a mountainside or dealing with a marine emergency have different needs but, what they have in common, is the need for us to ensure these incredible front line personal have the best possible support facilities.

rescue vehicle built for Leicester search and rescueRescue vehicles: Command and incident response

The size and format of our incident response command vehicles vary in accordance with our client’s requirements and range from specially equipped 4 x 4 models through 3500 kgs vans conversions to full HGV body built vehicles. Each of these can be fitted out with an array of equipment and control deck facilities including Sat Coms, 5g connectivity, monitors, cameras, lighting etc.

There is often a place for the tried and tested white board on the wall! Simple but often very useful!!

recure vehicle undergoing refurbishment . showing equipment storageRescue vehicles: Equipment

Many rescue situations demand a wealth of equipment be readily available at an incident.  To this end we design vehicles to carry items such as personnel protective clothing, medical equipment, climbing gear, searchlights, tents and much more. We ensure these items are stored correctly and easily and quickly accessible as speed of operation can make the difference between serious and not so serious an outcome.

All MVTech designs are tried and tested for their practicality prior to the build process commencing.

interior of an MVTech rescue vehicle

First aid rescue vehicles

With our experience in the design and construction of veterinary ambulances and mobile veterinary surgeries it comes naturally to us to fit out either part or all of a rescue vehicle to provide initial triage and first aid.

We ensure that first responders have the ability to undertake their important role quickly and with least hindrance.

Welfare in rescue vehicles

Rescue teams can be operational for just a couple of hours, but days or even weeks are not uncommon, so we consider it an essential part of any emergency package for there to be provision of welfare services for the rescuers themselves. We are able to use our experience in both hospitality and catering to create mobile welfare vehicles and trailers which can incorporate wash room facilities including showers and toilets.

If not a specialist vehicle or trailer we can of course incorporate some format of welfare into a multi- functional vehicle.

tandem axle box trailer designed for carrying rescue equipmentRescue Trailers

Whilst I have repeatedly used the word “vehicles” I shouldn’t of course omit to mention that trailers too can play a major role in search and rescue operations. Often small and light weight and designed to be towed by 4×4’s our range of rescue trailers can carry a wide range of support equipment.  But they can just as easily be larger to function as command centres, first aid posts or provide welfare and refreshment needs.

All of our rescue trailers are sturdily built and specifically designed for off road use to once again cope with all but the most impossible terrain.

Refurbishment and upgrades for rescue vehicles

There can be no doubt that many (maybe I should say most?) rescue vehicles take quite a pounding whilst performing their role, some on an all too regular basis! This makes regular maintenance and repairs something that we at MVTech take seriously by providing a complete package of support services with every vehicle we build.

We also operate on a 24 hour call out basis with engineering and communications personnel field base and able to attend and provide support, even during active situations.

emergency response vehicles outside of a railway stationMVTech Creative

Our creative team are continually assessing the latest materials, equipment and technologies to ensure we can offer up to date advice and assistance. Our design team are more than happy to put pen to paper to design and visualise (in 3d or animation) a vehicle that will match your brief.

If you have a new vehicle project or want to upgrade an existing one just give us a call and we’ll start the ball rolling.


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inflatable rescue boat operated by the RNLI rescue vehicle with rescuers standing together at the rear with doors open

We are all fortunate that in the UK and NI there is a comprehensive search and rescue service for those reported in trouble either on land, on water or in the air and for those reported missing. The framework describes the model for the organisation and communications infrastructure of search and rescue co-ordinators and search and rescue units. For more information visit

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