The Power of Van Graphics

a Mercedes with full vinyl wrapping

photo of scott walker showing head and shouldersWe often wonder why some people settle for a plain and unremarkable van when a small investment in van graphics can turn it into an invaluable marketing tool. Our customers are always encouraged to embrace the power of vehicle graphics by making the right choice for their business. This can range from the use of simple lettering and logos to a full vehicle wrap featuring stunning designs that capture the attention of everyone who sees the vehicle.

In today’s competitive business world, it is vital to exploit all opportunities to promote your message. An extremely effective but occasionally overlooked method of advertising is through the application of well-thought-out graphics to vehicles be they for exhibition, search and rescue, mobile medical units, or mobile libraries. With the rise of online marketing opportunities, many businesses have shifted their focus away from traditional forms of advertising, but vehicle graphics is a medium that continues to represent excellent value for money in the marketing mix and remains a powerful and cost-effective way to reach a wide audience.

van grphics on a community outreach vanWhat are van graphics?

In simple terms, van graphics are any type of visual display or design that is applied to a vehicle for promotional purposes. In days gone by this would have been undertaken by a signwriter applying paint directly to the van panels. That all changed with everyone now using vinyl materials produced by manufacturers such as 3M and Avery Dennison. These types of vinyl can be used for everything from simple decals and stickers to complex multicoloured logos.

Should a complete change of colour be required expensive and time-consuming traditional paint spraying is, as with sign writing, no longer necessary and any vehicle can be completely wrapped in vinyl to totally transform its appearance.

The Power of Full Vinyl Wrapping

Full vehicle vinyl wraps as we have already highlighted are a type of vehicle graphic that covers the entire surface of a van with a vinyl film. This film can be pre-printed with high-quality visuals, creating a colourful, complex, and attention-grabbing display. The benefits of using full-vehicle vinyl wraps on vans are numerous. They provide a professional and sleek look, protect the original paint of the van, and be removed easily and replaced when a different image or message is required.

van graphics on a search and rescue vehicleVan graphics make for a great investment

The size of your van, the complexity of your design, and the quality of vinyl will determine how much it will cost. If we take the simplest van graphics approach of say a logo and basic lettering, you are looking at a cost of around £300 to £400 plus vat.

If you are considering a complete fully digitally printed vinyl wrap of a medium-sized van then this can rise to between £2,500 to £3,500 plus vat, again depending upon the specification of the vinyl being proposed as there are many grades to choose from.

For calculation purposes let us assume a mid-price of £350 for simple graphics and £3,000 for a full wrap. Assume the graphics will stay the same for 3 years which means the cost being spread over 156 weeks. Based on these examples the cost of graphics works out from as little as £2.24 per week up to £19.23 per week.

Combine this with the fact that in built-up areas a van is seen by an average of 3,000 people per hour so if on the road for just 6 hours a day, it can be seen by 90,000 people per working week making van graphics the most cost-effective advertising you can do.

veterinary ambulance van graphicsDesigning van graphics

Consider your audience!

It is important to focus on who you are trying to appeal to. The design of your van graphics needs to be created to appeal not necessarily to all those likely to be viewing it but specifically to your target audience.

Pictures tend to communicate more.

It may be a tired and overused cliché but “a picture speaks a thousand words” and thus images remain fundamental to any promotional design. Your logo needs to be a prominent element in the design and any lettering you use should be supported by liberal use of eye-catching and (most important) relevant imagery. Focus your design on that which makes your offerings unique.

Keep the message simple!

Do not spread yourself too thinly, pick a small number of key business offerings to feature prominently. If you try and say too much your message may be overly diluted or confused, and this will just get you and your van ignored.

community van for outreach use

Artwork Print Guidance for van graphics

Use an experienced and dependable company such as MVTech to prepare the artwork for you but do help by providing corporate artwork and images in high-resolution formation.

vinyl graphics on a mobile veterinary surgeryMulti Vehicle Technology Ltd van graphics service

At Multi Vehicle Technology we do not consider our job to be done until we have helped with the all-important external branding.

If you already have an established corporate identity for us to simply follow, then we are happy to do so. But if you have not, our creative team is extremely happy to develop ideas for you, and once a design looks good, we will provide a full quote for your approval prior to any work commencing.

For more information write to us at or better still why not call us on 0116 326 0989 and have a chat? You will find us very keen to provide advice and assistance with your project.

We may have a reputation for the installation of complex electronics and data systems, but we do not go in for automated systems when it comes to customer care…call us and you will be speaking to a real person!


We can transform any van into becoming a moving billboard! From single vehicles to corporate fleets, we will provide you with the best-performing solution for your needs.

Chassis cab featuring vinyl graphics
We also offer graphics services for chassis cabs.

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