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photo of scott walker showing head and shoulders“When it comes to vehicle design for special purposes such as exhibitions, outreach roadshows, mobile libraries and many more, creativity and visualisation are key components for a successful product.”      Scott Walker

These vehicles not only serve a practical purpose but also represent the brand or organization they are built for. Here, we will explore the importance of creative design and visualisation in the build of vehicles for all special purpose use and provide some tips on how to incorporate these elements into the design process.


Understanding the purpose of vehicle design

The first step in designing a vehicle is to fully understand its intended use. Is it for example meant to attract attention at an exhibition? Or is it meant to provide a functional space for outreach programs? By understanding the purpose, designers can come up with a concept that not only meets the practical needs but also aligns with the overall goal of the vehicle.

cutaway visual of a vehicle design for a mobile office
A van based mobile office design.

Incorporating brand identity

Vehicles for special purposes are often used as a marketing tool for a brand or organization. Therefore, it is crucial to incorporate branding elements into the design. This can be done using logos, colours, and other visual elements that represent the brand. A well-branded vehicle can leave a lasting impression on the audience and create a sense of brand recognition.




vehicle design for a search and rescue vehicle
Mobile search and rescue command centre design.

Utilizing limited space creatively in vehicle design

One of the challenges in designing a special purpose vehicle is utilizing the limited space effectively. This is where creative thinking comes into play. Designers must find ways to maximize the use of space while still maintaining a visually appealing design. This can include using multi-functional furniture, incorporating storage solutions, and making full use of vertical space.

vehicle design for an information roadshow
A chassis cab based information roadshow vehicle.

Paying attention to the detail

In the design process, it is important to pay attention to even the smallest details. These details can make a big difference in the overall look and functionality of the vehicle. From furniture styling to the materials used to the placement of lighting, location of switches and sockets etc. every aspect should be carefully considered to ensure a cohesive and well-designed product.

mobile veterinary vehicle design cutaway drawing
Mobile veterinary surgery design.

Visualisation an important vehicle design tool

Technical and engineering drawings are a necessity for production but far from ideal for the customer. Providing the customer with a visual as near as is possible to the proposed finished design is an important step in the design process. A finished visual will not only allow the designer to see their ideas come to life and make necessary adjustments before the final build but more crucially let the customer see and agree.

By creating visuals and better still animation, designers can test out different design elements and ensure that the product meets the desired goals and functionality.

Mobile it training interior
Interior visual of a mobile IT training vehicle.


In conclusion, the importance of creative design and visualisation in the build of vehicles for special purposes cannot be overstated. These vehicles serve as a representation of the brand or organization they represent and must effectively convey their message and purpose. By understanding the purpose, incorporating branding, utilizing space creatively, paying attention to details, and utilizing visualisation, designers can create a successful and impactful vehicle for any special purpose.

vehicle design for a product information vehicle
Design for a chassis cab based product display vehicle.
exterior of a van conversion in the rain
Mobile office exterior visual.

Multi Vehicle Technology Ltd for specialist vehicle design

At MVTech we specialise in the design, build and conversion of vehicle for special purpose uses and as such we have a wealth of experience in the construction of chassis cab vehicles and van conversions for an almost infinite number of uses.

Our construction services are available on new and previously owned vehicles, in addition to which we offer refurbishment services to update vehicles or to change their use.

For more information call us on 0116 326 0989 or write to us at or use the contact page on our web site.

Our designs cover security, exhibition, mobile shops, outreach, medical, search and rescue, catering, veterinary, camper, training, product demonstration, roadshow, sampling, mobile libraries, and many more bespoke conversions too numerous to list.

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