Gaming vans

exterior view of a mercedes sprinter with the full Gaming Van wraphics wrap

Gaming vans have become a very popular part of the party and special events scene providing endless hours of entertainment at special occasions.  Ideal for children’s birthday parties where “keeping them occupied” can otherwise be quite a chore!  But not by a long way restricted to just younger folk, a gaming van can provide light relief for adults too at a wide variety of locations.

At Multi Vehicle Technology we have used our experience in the design and build of hi tech mobile command centres   to build gaming vans for the UKs favourite gaming company, Gamewagon Ltd. Gamewagon covers all of London and the surrounding shires in addition to the West Midlands and surrounding areas.

exterior of the gamewgon gaming van from the rear

Being the first in the UK to introduce this innovative approach to gaming they remain the leaders in the market and we are proud to be associated with them.

We use extra long wheelbase Mercedes Sprinters with extra high roof and install a complete package of van lining and insulation followed with seating, lockers and of course screens. Variable LED lighting systems add to the interiors atmosphere. Our electrical installation allows each Gamewagon gaming van to operate on mains power or that provided by a generator.

A climate control systems is installed to ensure a comfortable environment

Each vehicle is completed with a full exterior eye catching vinyl wrap.

This then allows Gamewagon gaming vans to provide each wagon with Playstation 4, XBOX ONE and a Nintendo Switch plus one other console.

This installation allows for 4 games to be on at any one time and guests play together in sets of 3’s and 4’s per TV and per game.

interior of gaming van showing storage cabinets and screens interior of gaming van showing the two levels of seating and the consoles on the cabinets

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Both ourselves and our clients take our social responsibilities seriously by ensuring that Gamewagons are cleverly designed in such a way as to allow wheel chair access.  Ensuring no players are prevented from gaming.


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