Two exhibition trailers for Kia (UK) Ltd

Exhibition trailer showground

Multi Vehicle Technology was tasked with a challenging project for Kia (UK) Ltd to construct two 6 metre exhibition trailers that had the capability of operating independently of one another at smaller events. But for larger and more prestigious events they needed to seamlessly link together to create a single impressive unit.

Whilst the general design and appearance was created by the client MVTech were required to turn a designer’s brilliant visualisation into a practical, easy to operate reality.

The two trailers were to be based on 6 metre tandem axle draw bar chassis.

To achieve the primary objective the two trailers were designed to be identical mirror images of each other thus enabling them, when required, to link together.  Our craftsmen did find it rather unusual, if not disorientating, to create two similar units with one in a left hand layout and the other in a right hand layout.  “It was important to remember which trailer you were working in” being a regular refrain!

Each trailer featured a full length hinge down platform with full length step attached. This incorporated a wheelchair access ramp to maximise access.

Two slide-out extension pods increased the internal floor space with one projecting from the opposite side to the platform and another (less common position) at the rear of the trailer to provide increased length.

A fully glazed frontage combined with a display panel and hinged display tower completed the external features to make each a stunning exhibition trailer in their own right. Both having been decoratively finished in Kia Motors corporate colours.

The interior was fitted with comfortable seating, storage cupboards, reception desk and galley facility.


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