Fiat veterinary clinic for sale Ref: MVT91

Nearside view of the Fiat veterinary clinic

Having built this Fiat veterinary clinic only in 2022 there is some irony in that it has contributed to such an increase in patient numbers for the main practice that they are unable to accept any more clients. Hence their mobile veterinary surgery is no longer required and is available to purchase.

Whilst our Animedix mobile veterinary surgeries were traditionally used for this very purpose most these days are used by vets to create independent mobile practices and this Fiat veterinary clinic is ideal for this purpose.

It has been exceptionally well maintained and cared for and, most importantly, available for immediate use.  The vehicle is naturally white and fitted with vinyl graphics which we can easily and very quickly replace. All that is required is the re-installation of any medical equipment (such as Anaesthetics, scales etc) that may be required by the new owner.


Fiat veterinary clinic consultation area

Exterior includes:

Entrance door

Two opening windows

Roof mounted climate control unit

Roof mounted ventilation fan

Exterior lighting


Fiat veterinary clinic examination tableInterior includes:

A general consultation room.

A separate surgical area to the rear

Worktops over floor units

Wall cupboards

Examination table

Sink with hot and cold-water supply.

Fully certified electrical installation

Two recovery cages



two recovery cagesDriving licence category

The good thing about this model of Fiat Ducato veterinary clinic is that being plated to a gross weight (Maximum Authorised Mass) of 3500 kgs means that almost anyone with a standard car licence can drive this without any further need for additional test being necessary.

Nor does it require an Operator’s Licence or Tachograph.

This makes it the ideal cost-effective self-drive vehicle. And it really is comfortable and very easy to drive, with only perhaps reversing requiring a little bit of practice.



sugery roomFor further information and assistance

Should you feel this vehicle could suit your Practise needs or you would like to arrange a viewing please give us a call on 0116 326 1802 or write to us at


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