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Our hospitality trailers come in all shapes and sizes, from 4 to 7 metre body lengths (towable by 4×4 type vehicles and larger) whilst our hospitality vehicles are normally based on 3500 kgs chassis cabs with 4 or 5 metre bodies. We do build larger roadshow vehicles at popular sizes of 5000 kgs and 7500 kgs. Our trailers and vehicles are equipped to provide a base for entertaining clients at sponsored events, race meetings, sporting events, concerts and many more. For greeting, meeting and hosting clients at outdoor shows or replacing traditional stands at indoor venues nothing combines greater comfort and flexibility with such cost effectiveness than one of our mobile hospitality trailers.

If your corporate PR campaign revolves around event sponsorship, or you’re planning a promotion to consolidate relationships with clients that requires a hospitality trailer, then we can design and manufacture it specifically for you needs.

Each Multi Vehicle Technology hospitality trailer and hospitality vehicle is personalised to just what you require for your specific activity. Where budget does not allow we can keep the trailer small and basic or where the campaign can justify serious investment we can incorporate a wealth of features such as extension pods, stages, roof mounted viewing galleries or even totally enclosed upper decks.

On board services can include basic refreshment facilities or more fully equipped galleys with refrigerators, microwaves and even dish washers for those intending more extensive catering.

If you require a comfortable, relaxed environment, be it traditional or a little more ultra modern, we design the interior ambience for you and should the feature be of benefit can include private meeting or interview facilities away from the more public space. Naturally we incorporate IT communications systems, LCD screens, closed circuit TV, speaker systems, smart boards and much, much more to suit you.

Each hospitality trailer can be equipped with its own generator, heating and air conditioning services and even wash room facilities, should any of these be required.

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